How much do you know about Ancient Greek Myths?

Are you smart? Do you think you are? Do you think your brain is bigger than anyone else? Come and prove it!! Take this quiz on Ancient Greek Myths. It is fun and you will most defenitly love it!

Very few people know about this topic. Are you one of them? Are you sure? Do you want to know? Then I suggest you take this quiz. And remember; use your brain.

Created by: Jamie
  1. Who was the goddess of love and beauty?
  2. Who was Hera married to?
  3. How do you spell the name of the messenger of the gods?
  4. What was Hades Roman Name?
  5. Who was the goddess of the rainbow?
  6. Who was Athena's father?
  7. In most pictures Aphrodite was ....
  8. Medusa had ________ for hair.
  9. Whoses brother is Apollo?
  10. Who was the god of war?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Ancient Greek Myths?