which myth are you?

Myths. Myths. MYTHS. People, do YOU like myths? Dragons. Phoenixes. Unicorns. Can`t decide? But, what`s a myth? It`s greek. A mysterious creature, linked with a paticular element.

Now, do you get me? Myths. Some rare, some common. Some big, some small. Some powerful, some weak. 12 questions. 3 myths. 1 quiz. The BIG question: Which Myth Are You?

Created by: jack dobson
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You best like :
  2. You prefer:
  3. You are challenged to a battle. You:
  4. You are invited to hogwarts. you best like:
  5. You recieve a wand. You prefer:
  6. You see a new toy named: twonicorn extra, that has two horns.You:
  7. Your favourite movie is:
  8. You are:
  9. At school, you mostly enjoy:
  10. your favourite colour is:

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Quiz topic: Which myth am I?