How much do you know about mythology?

Mythology is a wonderful thing. you get to learn about other religions. Mythology can come from different places in the world, and each story, is very important. Mythology helps us in a number of ways.

Let's see now. Are YOU a Myth-master? How are your Mytholgy skills? Do you know about Mythology? Maybe you are the one. Build up energy and take the test. Let's see now.

Created by: Ismail

  1. What does mythology mean?
  2. Who is the god of the heavens and power in Greek mythology?
  3. In mythology, which creature is half fish and half human?
  4. In Norse mythology, who is god of thunder?
  5. In mythology, how can a werewolf be killed?
  6. In all stories of mythology, who is the naughtiest person?
  7. Which mythical creature can be reborn from its own ashes?
  8. Who was the first King of gods in Greek Mythology?
  9. What is the difference between Roman and Greek mythology?
  10. Were all mythical Gods immortal?
  11. who is the guard of the underworld in Greek mythology?
  12. Is Mythology educational?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about mythology?