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There are many smart people, but true really know much about Greek gods and mythology. Do you know anything? Try this quiz to find out? seriously. try it.

Do you know a lot about Greek mythology and gods? Do you have the brainpower to remember all that you read on our website? Until Now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: julie

  1. What is a myth?
  2. The Greek's religious belief's were...:
  3. Where did the most powerful Greek gods live?
  4. Who is Athens named after?
  5. Who were a pair of closely related gods?
  6. How did myths get well known?
  7. How did myths get well known?
  8. The greeks and the gods both had emotions, got marrieds, and fought. What are a few differences between the ancient greek people and the gods?
  9. Who was the Goddess of love?
  10. Who were two famous people that recorded myths?
  11. Which Greek is famous for writing fables?
  12. What was Athena's aegis and what?

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