Which Greek God resembles you most?

Which greek god are you answer the questions below and find out. You have the choice of being Hermes, Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Posiedon or Ares.If you dont get the best god, then try the f#@#$%$ thing again till you do got it good, have fun.

Do you want to now which greek god is most like you by the questions of your witts (brains) and if you give me money i will do nothing but buy stuff with it to make butterflies man-eating things,so what do you say,wait i know this take the god d--- quiz.

Created by: Rawley Kramer
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  1. Which greek god is the one that is the god of war?
  2. In the movie "Troy" which god does Achilles cut off?
  3. Which god is the ruler of the underworld?
  4. Who was the mortal that had the plan to build the wooden horse to get into Troy?
  5. Which greek god is the best?
  6. Which god symbols are a dogs,boars,vultures,and a spear?
  7. Who was the leader of the 300 spartans at Theymopylea
  8. Who is Helios?
  9. Who is Achilles
  10. "great today we fight our battle in the shade"

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