There are many people who profess a love for ancient Egypt. If you are one of these people, and would like to test your knowledge on the subject of ancient Egypt try this quiz chocked with facts testing the Egyptologist "in YOU!"

Are your really learned on this subject or do you just think you know all about ancient Egypt? This quiz will be a challenge to any Egypt-enthusiast!

Created by: Barbara Stienstra
  1. What pharaoh was considered the "heratic" pharaoh?
  2. Why was (see question #1) this pharaoh considered "heretic?"
  3. Who was the archaeologist who discovered a famous pharaoh's unplundered tomb(in the early 20th century)?
  4. (See previous question). What was the name of the pharaoh lying in the tomb?
  5. Which one of the following is NOT a famous temple in Egypt?
  6. Egypt is located on what continent?
  7. The Valley of the Kings is noted for:
  8. We know the country as Egypt. The Egyptians know it as:
  9. Egypt is made up of Lower and Upper Egypt --
  10. Refer to #9-- this is because
  11. Who is NOT a god/goddess?
  12. The sphinx is located...
  13. The ancient Egyptians developed the pictoform of writing known as
  14. (See # 13) This was written on
  15. (See #14) This is made from
  16. the shape of (see # 14 & # 15) the stalk is
  17. atop the stalk is
  18. The ancient Egyptian Goddess BAST is
  19. Apis is a
  20. Ba is
  21. What ancient Egyptian god has the head of crocodile
  22. Who is representative of a falcon --
  23. Pharaoh was considered
  24. What pharaoh is considered the most prolific builder and temples such as Abu Simbel are to his credit?
  25. "Great House"/"Courtier of the Great House" defines
  26. Hatshepsut was
  27. The Step Pyramid , located at Saqqara close to modern day Cairo, is believed to have been created by one man, Imhotep. He has been called Doctor, Sage, Architect, Astronomer and High Priest...
  28. Kom Ombo
  29. What temple has hieroglyphic reliefs depicting MEDICAL scenes?
  30. The "avenue of the sphixes" may be found...
  31. The ancient capital was...
  32. The ancient lighthouse was found in
  33. The Great Library
  34. The (new) Bibliotheque Alexandria is designed to represent
  35. The "reading material" in the ancient Library was on
  36. The Nile river has locks on it...
  37. Only the ________ may enter the holy of holies, the inner chamber of the temple.
  38. At the end of the movie, "The Land of the Pharaohs", after pharaoh dies, his entire entourage was buried alive with him. Did the ancient Egyptians indeed practice this?
  39. Who is the god of mummification, who prepare the dead for their path through the underworld.
  40. The dead are embalmed, wrapped in clothes and placed (in most cases) a

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