Ancient Egypt (Plants vs. Zombies 2)

Not everyone is supposed to be smart, and you're never meant to be forced to become smart, or a genius. Practice makes perfect, and many good things come in life.

Would you like to find out how smart you are... at Plants vs. Zombies 2 Ancient Egypt? Now's your chance! The difficulty is easy, so you get the idea. Good luck!

Created by: DarknessAndLight
  1. On the first level, how many years must Crazy Dave wait for his taco to be processed?
  2. What plant do you unlock first?
  3. Which word is spelt incorrectly?
  4. Flag zombie marks the arrival of a huge wave of ... zombies.
  5. What does Ra Zombie do?
  6. What is the endless zone called?
  7. What does Explorer Zombie do?
  8. What is the Ancient Egypt gargantuar holding?
  9. What colour is the Iceburg Lettuce?
  10. What word was spelt incorrectly in Question 5.?
  11. LUCKY 13! Final question: What does Crazy Dave call Dr. Zomboss on level 8?

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