Which Ancient Egyptian Curse would you get?

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In ancient Egypt, curses were placed on sacred objects and possessions to stop people from disturbing them. The curse is what will happen to anyone who doesn’t heed the warning.

Welcome to the story. Take this short adventure in Egypt, face the challenges and get to know which curse you might have got if you lived the story. Have fun!

Created by: aadee
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  1. It was a pleasant morning. You and your friends were on a tour of Egypt. You were on your way to Valley of the Kings.
  2. The tour guide says, "This is the most dangerous of all the places. It is believed to be cursed by ancient priests. So, it would be better if we all stayed in a group." As soon as you reach the Valley of Kings, the weather turns stormy and darkness spreads.
  3. You were treading on slowly, but a few minutes later, a loud thunder is heard and the ground shakes. You are hit by a rock and become unconscious.
  4. When you regain consciousness, you find your best friend near you, no one else. "I'm so happy that you're fine.", s/he cries. You look around to see that you are in a cave. But no ordinary cave. It's the same cave you've been dreaming since the last two years.
  5. "We need to get to get out of here", you freak. But the freaking doesn't helps. The entrance of the cave had been blocked by boulders and you were detached from your group. "Why don't we find a way out", suggested your friend. "I have a torch and some eatables. Let's try to find a way until we stay alive."
  6. So, you begin your search for a way out through the deep enchantments. The walls were covered with hieroglyphs and soft sounds such as that made by a scorpion or a snake could be heard. After walking a few miles, you reach ,presumably, the throne room. A large statue of some Egyptian deity was placed, in front of which were staircases which could probably lead to exit.
  7. As soon as you enter the room, the entrance behind closed. It was a trap!
  8. You felt helpless. Sudddenly a hoarse voice echoed in the hall. It belonged to the statue, "Visitors, are we? How dare you disturb me? Now, you shall pay!"
  9. The statue however was quite impressed by you. He allowed to let you pass only if you answered his questions truthfully but added that a curse has been put on you. You agree to answer. "What do you fear the most?"
  10. The next was asked to your friend. S/he answered that the most important person in their life was you. The deity statue was thus impressed by your answers and let you pass. But the curse was put on you. A curse to stay with you forever.
  11. The floor starts shaking and the roof was about to collide. You head towards the staircase. Hurrying up, both of you finally make it to the top, safe and sound. You even did spot your group and you all returned home safely only with a minor curse.
  12. So, you are safe now. Don't mind the curse. But, we really need to check what curse did you get. Submit your answer to know the curse.

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