What Egyptian Goddess Are You?

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Ok! This quiz is about what Egyptian god is your Egyptian parent (not really). Like mine is Isis(named after her) you could have her as well but maybe someone else FIND OUT!

Ok just so you know I am really bad a spelling so some words I misspelled or my phone had messed up. Please disregard spelling errors and enjoy the quiz.

Created by: fallen_angel831
  1. This is important, what is you fav color?
  2. Pick one
  3. Pick one
  4. Do you like water?
  5. If you had powers what would u do with it?
  6. What song is more you?
  7. You are walking down in to an dark alley. Then you see:
  8. Are you happy where you are in life?
  9. Who is better? (Egyptian gods?
  10. Dislike?
  11. Comment? Rate? Ok... Bye!

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Quiz topic: What Egyptian Goddess am I?