Ancient Egypt: Beliefs and Values

This quiz will test your grey matter on the very subject of ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, values and customs. The pressure will be on, but I am confident that you can do it - good luck!!

How well do you think you will do? I know that not all historians can succeed when they tackle a quiz like this. But are you like any other historian, or are you a very unique breed of historian? Now is the time to find out...

Created by: Iz
  1. The Ancient Egyptian belief system could be described as:
  2. Gods could take animal form, human form or.
  3. The god Anubis had a head of a.
  4. The god Horus was the god of the.
  5. ISIS was a
  6. Osiris had what colour skin.
  7. Thoth's role as a god was to.
  8. The Opet is also known as a.
  9. Herodotus was an ancient.
  10. Temples were first built with.

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