Spinner Quiz 10/21

People all over the world have become fascinated with all ancient Egypt has to offer. You've been studying ancient Egyptians and their culture and history for two weeks. Now let's see how much you know!

This quiz focuses on mythology and mummification. Take the quiz to see what you have learned. You will have several options for answers; please choose the best one.

Created by: Ms. Chilcoat

  1. Which of the following statements is false:
  2. Which of the following organs was left in the body to be weighed with the feather in the Hall of Two Truths?
  3. Today,what can we learn from mummies?
  4. When examining the painting of the Hall of Two Truths, which of the following gods would not be present?
  5. Which statement best describes life around the Nile.
  6. Which of the following gods was worshipped constantly in ancient Egyptian history?
  7. Which of the following statements about the Hall of Two Truths is correct:
  8. In regards to the god Anubis, which of the following statements is incorrect?
  9. In which of the following did ancient Egyptians make major contributions?
  10. Which statement best describes the ancient Egyptian civilization?

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