what yugioh monster are you

In Ancient Egypt, it is said that the Pharaohs used to engage in duels using magical creatures to foresee the future and determine one's destiny. However, when the power got to be too great to control, one wise Pharaoh locked the secret away in seven magical artifacts: a ring, an eye, an ankh-shaped key, a necklace, a rod, a set of scales...and a puzzle. Now in the present day, there is a popular trading card game called Duel Monsters, in which the echoes of the ancient game have been revived. But now, the game has taken on a very sinister twist. Yugi had been a rather ordinary high school sophmore into the Duel Monsters card game...until he unlocked the power of one of the ancient artifacts: the Millennium Puzzle. Now Yugi and his friends have to pit their hearts and their dueling skills against the forces of darkness in struggles for loved ones, themselves, and ultimately the entire world. Is their trust in "The Heart of the Cards" up to the challenge? Note: One episode was cut from the US release, but it was just an inconsequential "Battle City in Review" episode with no impact on the storyline. Also, the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh in Japan was never shown in the US. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monster is the second Yu-Gi-Oh season in Japan.

Ten years after the adventures of Yugi and his friends, Duel Monsters had become so popular, that education areas like Duel Academia High were established. Jaden was on his way there for a entry exam when he encountered the legendary duelist Yugi Moto, who gave Jaden a special card with the knowledge that the boy was no mere duelist. After getting accepted, Jaden was assigned to the Slifer Red (Osiris Red in Japanese) dormitory, which is mainly composed of delinquents. Jaden makes friends with some of them, and together have to deal with the Obelisk Blue house students, studying, and the strange events taking place in their school...

Created by: brady
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. witch of the following describes you best?
  2. witch is your mmost favorite type?
  3. witch of the following is the strongest?!
  4. witch is your most favorite type of card???
  5. are you smart?
  6. witch mode do you think is best?
  7. witch of the folling is a beast?
  8. witch is your most favorite card?
  9. what is your favorite dueling deck?
  10. pick a number!

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