Ancient Egyptian Quiz

Do YOU think that your smart at social studies? Do you think that you will ace your test about ancient egypt? Well take this quiz now to find out if you will either ace it, di okay, or did bad

Try again if you keep getting D's and F's and so you can get A's and B's, If you would like to try again and you got a C, you can always do so. Remember to always do good.

Created by: Daniel

  1. What did scribes do?
  2. Who was on top of the social pyramid?
  3. Who united upper and lower egypt?
  4. What was the rosetta stone made out of?
  5. What is a stone coffin in ancient egypt called
  6. What were ancient egyptians concerned about?
  7. What was papyrus made out of
  8. What flooded Ancient Egypt?
  9. Who was in the bottom of the social pyramid
  10. What do you think you got in this quiz?

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