What Pharaoh Are You?

Take this quiz to find out what famous ancient Egyptian pharaoh you are most like. The name of the pharaoh that you resemble will be the Pharaoh that you research for today's activity.

Don't worry about your lack of knowledge on Egyptian pharaohs, the questions are all based on your personal preferences and opinions. There is a total of 13 questions.

Created by: Mr. Michna
  1. Do you like Art?
  2. Do you have older brothers or sisters that you think your family likes more than you?
  3. Is religion important to you?
  4. Do you like having power over other people?
  5. Do you consider yourself unique?
  6. Do you think you are good looking?
  7. Would you ever join the military?
  8. Have you ever thought about what happens to people in the afterlife?
  9. Do you have a temper?
  10. Do you like bringing attention to yourself?
  11. What word best describes your personality?

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Quiz topic: What Pharaoh am I?