How Well Do You Know Your Ancient History?

Ancient history is amazing. Those people were the reason for things we have today. I wanted to see what you know or remember about ancient history. The only way is taking this quiz.

Not only that but choosing the right answers. If you fail, no need to worry. I hope you can actually enjoy this quiz. Now, if you just scroll down and ready, set, GO!

Created by: Leelah Maraj
  1. First question: In Ancient Greece, who is the gods of all gods?
  2. Who invented cuneiform? What year?
  3. Why was Ancient Mesopotamia known as the 'Fertile Crescent?'
  4. Which civilization believed in the afterlife?
  5. Were the Ancient Greeks and Romans very much alike?
  6. Who was Lilith?
  7. Who started exorisicms?
  8. What Goddess was named after the ancient Greek city, Athens?
  9. The Indus Valley Civilization was located?
  10. What are the Twelve Olympians?
  11. Who is Nemesis?
  12. Who were the first ancient Greeks?
  13. Last question: What was before ancient history? This is a challenge!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Ancient History?