Which ancient philosopher do you think like?

Find out which ancient philosopher shares your ideas. This quiz will explore some of life's important questions, and who you are. You can also learn about the philosophers and discover the differences in their philosophies.

You can choose only one answer per question so think carefully, and choose the one closest to how you feel. This was created as part of a History of Creativity project. I hope it will help you learn something or even inspire you and increase your creativity.

Created by: J. Keeley
  1. Would you rather be alone or participate in the community?
  2. What do you think of art?
  3. Is there a God (or Gods)?
  4. How is happiness found?
  5. How should we gain knowledge/learn truth?
  6. Which of these do you think is most important in the way you live?
  7. Which view of society/government is closest to yours?
  8. Are people naturally good or bad?
  9. What is the basic element or true nature of the universe?
  10. Do people have souls? (There are different definitions of soul. To some they are immortal and to some they die when the body dies.)
  11. What is the purpose of life?

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Quiz topic: Which ancient philosopher do I think like?