NBA History Quiz

Many fans of the NBA think they know all about the NBA, but really they know nothing more than stuff about the current state of the league. Show me if you know your NBA history!

History covers all the people that have been important to the developement of this league, and therefore made the league to what it is now. If you don't know your history, how can you really know the league now?

Created by: Vincent
  1. Who mentored Hakeem Olajuwon during his first years with the Rockets?
  2. Under which name was Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf born?
  3. Jordan and Pippen had one game where they both had a triple-double, which other duo did it too?
  4. Wilt Chamberlain ended up with the Lakers but somewhere during the 60's, the players had to vote on him coming to LA. What was the result?
  5. Kevin McHale had slick postmoves, but how where they called sometimes?
  6. The 85-86 Celtics were beast at home. How many games did they lose at home, including the playoffs?
  7. The 85-86 Celtics lost 1 home game all season, but to whom?
  8. The New Orleans Jazz traded their '80 first round pick (which became Magic) to the Lakers to get a veteran player, who?
  9. Which team holds the record for lowest Opp FG% in NBA history?
  10. Who took the last shot in the '98 Finals?
  11. Of which team was Bill Russell the GM in the late 70's?
  12. How many points did David Thompson score in the last game of the 77-78 season?
  13. Rick Barry always was a prick, but what wore he during the 75-76 season?
  14. Which player made the buzzer beater to win Game 4 of the '86 WCF?
  15. Who made the improbable long range shot during the legendary 3 OT game between the Suns and Celtics in '76, after the Celtics fans had run onto the court to celebrate?
  16. Who is the only player to lead both the ABA and NBA in FG%?
  17. Elgin Baylor had a rough 61-62 season due to stuff off the court. What stuff?
  18. The ABA tried to lure Bill Walton to the league, what did they offer him as a grant surprise to everyone?
  19. Julius Erving played with the Nets in the ABA and was sold to the Knicks after the merger. But for which team did he play a couple of exhibition games during his time in the ABA?
  20. Kobe Bryant was asked once who the toughest player to guard is, what was his answer?

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