Galactinaut, Are You Ready?

The Mission… a joint venture between two powerful nations to explore beyond our own solar system. The ship is the Deliverance One, and it is ready to launch, but before this happens we need to find the best and the brightest for this mission, the most important mission in the history of history of mankind.

So important we even invented a new word… the Galactinaut… because you will exploring galaxies and stuff. Good luck potential Galactinaut and we hope you're good enough to make the team!

Created by: quiztester1

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  1. We’ll ease into the vastness of space with a personal question first. What is your favorite planet?
  2. Which feat of engineering best showcase’s mankind’s ability to innovate and create?
  3. Jupiter has the most moons, but not all are equal. Which is the coolest moon of Jupiter?
  4. Which of Mercury’s characteristics seems the least appealing?
  5. Which planet is least related to the mythological character it was named after?
  6. Instead of asking what’s your sign, which astrological sign has the most douches?
  7. When looking up at the night sky, which constellation do you look for?
  8. Which film set in space is your favorite?
  9. Which space pilot would you want driving you through the great vastness of the universe?
  10. Which alien life form would you like to meet?
  11. If you could be a star, which kind of star would you be?
  12. Now that you’ve learned all these things about space, where would you like to visit?

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