Giving love a chance, Part 1

There are many people who give love a chance but true few a them are ready to. once, i was one of those people but, now I'm totally ready. ready is a strong word so if you are not ready,wait, coming from my excperiences.

are YOU ready to give love a chance? are you good enough to qualify that you are? until now, you can only guess. but, thanks to this quiz, you'll know.

Created by: RaInEy

  1. Hi! this is my giving love a chance,part 1 quiz!!!!! how long have you been in love and if so how much on a scale of 1-10?
  2. are you ready to give love a chance?
  3. how was the first kiss?
  4. are you gay? or if not, are you planning on being?
  5. are you sure about love?
  6. do you think ''love'' is a genre of music?
  7. how often do you cry about him/her?
  8. would you die for them?
  9. do you share likings?
  10. have you had sex? it can be joyful or anything, everyone is different.
  11. bye!
  12. plz cmmnt!!!

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