You might be a Boca Grande resident, Part II

You might be a Boca Grande resident if ... you can pass our Boca Grande, Florida Trivia Quiz - Part Deux. Only a handful passed the first quiz, so the nice people at the Beacon are giving you a second chance.

If you know what South Beach used to be called, if you know what wasn't found in a room at the Inn until a few years ago, and if you can find your way to the Back Dock, you have a fighting chance.

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  1. The Boca Grande Marina was formerly known as?
  2. Which of the following is NOT a Boca Grande street?
  3. South Beach was formerly known as?
  4. If you are at the Back Dock, you are?
  5. The pink gas pump at Hudson's sold what brand of fuel?
  6. Which of the following was NOT proposed or discussed by the community panel:
  7. Tarpon Gone Bad is
  8. Uncle Henry's is at the north end of the island. What was Uncle Henry's last name?
  9. What was the name of the fish house located at Whidden's?
  10. Jam's was a popular island pizza place. It was named for ...
  11. In 1993 a powerful storm hit Boca Grande and the west coast of Florida. What was its name?
  12. The bar next to the Phosphate Dock was called:
  13. The bike path north of First Street was formerly
  14. Which president has not visited or fished Boca Grande
  15. Dumplin' Wheeler's boat is Chico. It was named after
  16. Until recently, these were not allowed in guest rooms at the Gasparilla Inn
  17. What is Sam Schuckman known for?

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