magical love story (part 1)

Hello people! Thank you so much for reading! Here is a before the story thing: You are eighteen and you just graduated from high school today and your English teacher made you stay late to finish a stupid project. You are really pretty. Your eyes are a different Color every day. You hair is short blond with brown highlights in do mixed martial arts and are the leader of all magic people's daughter. Your name is Lilly Collins and you can do all magic elements.

Thanks so much for giving my quiz a chance!

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  1. I cant believe that Mrs. Sheppard made me stay after school to Finnish the stupid English project. I'm the last person to leave the parking lot at the school. I glance over me shoulder as I try to fish my keys out of my purse and I see three figures staring at me from a distance. Uh oh. I use my magic abilities to sen e if they have powers. Yup. They do. Fumbbling with the keys I unlock the door hoping they aren't the Skipps (the evil magic people out to kill me). as I open the door it slams shut and the figures are surrounding me.
  2. "What do you need?" I said smiling smugly and glaring at them. " we need you to come with us." The buff one said. " and what is I say NO."I ask them." The. I'm afraid we will take you by force." Curly hair said. "Ya well, I'm not going with you."I told them flatly. Curly lunged and grabbed my arm and twisted it backwards. Having taken martial arts for 13 years I used the leverage to through him off my back and slam him to the ground and put him in a head lock. "Please! Stop! We are just trying to help you! The Skipps are after you and we are here to bring you to a safe house!" Blond haired boy said. You froze time and grabbed you phone and called your dad. " hey dad! Its Lilly. Three guys tryed to kidnap me. They said something about a safe house?" You told him. "Oh, please go with them sweet heart. I sent them. They are my students are beeing sent to their house until we know for sure you are safe again." You dad told you. " ya sure, love ya bye!" You told your dad. Your dad is the leader of magic and you are next in line for the throne. You un-froze time and looked at the boys. Thay looked at you in shock. " fine, ill go with you. Why didn't you just tell me my dad sent you?" I asked them. "Wait. Your dad sent us? That's not possible unless you were the leaders daughter." Curly said. I gave them the 'duh' expression. "Oh. my. gosh. You are the next heir to the throne?!?!"
  3. "What are your names? I'm Lilly Collins." You told them. " I'm Liam (curly), thats Cameron (buff sexy beast), and that's Sean (blond boy)" Liam told me. I read their minds and see the Picture of their housed and I tellaport us all there.
  4. "So what's for dinner? I'm starving!!" I tell them. " I got it." Cameron said and walked down the hall. I could Sence that this house was huge. " would you like to see your room?" Liam asked me. " uh, sure?" I told him unsure. He walked down the hall and made 3 lefts and a right to a corridor with a lot of doors. My doornwas the only dubble door bedroom. The room was the size of my room times 4. The bathroom was, the size of my room. The closet was the size of my room times 2 and was filled with tons of clothing all my size."W.O.W." you said. Someone spoke on an intercom " dinner is ready!" So Liam and l headed for the kitchen.
  5. Once dinner was over, me and the boys were good friends. "So guys, when are you going to graduate magic school?" I asked them. "Actually we don't train any more." Cameron said sadly. " well, I could train you." I told them. Their faces lighted up. "Really? You would do that?" Sean asked. " well ya. Why not? I know all of your magic abilities. that's why I'm the second most powerful person on earth. So we start tomarow then. Be out on the track at 9:00." I told them while they nodded eagerly.
  6. I couldn't sleep very well so I walked to the boy's Library. I found my favorite book ever! Its called, (insert fav book title). You went to the couch and curled up in a ball and started to read. A few minuetsater I heard footsteps down the hall and figured out that it was Liam. When he walked in I said "you couldn't sleep either, huh?" Startled he walked over to me. "Whatchya reading?" He said and yawned. " I'm reading ( insert fav book title)." You replyed. "No way! That's my fav book! Probably just because its like the only book ive ever read though... have you gotten to the part where Liam kisses Lilly yet?" He asked. "What are yo-" I was cut off because he placed his lips on mine. Our lips fit perfectly as they moved against each other. He pulled away and smiled at me winked and walked back to bed with an extra zing in his step. I set the book down and started off to my bed. As I rounded one of the corners I ran into Cameron. "Oh my! I'm so sorry!" I told him. " Its fine, hey, have you seen Liam?" He asked. I blushed. " ya in the library." told him. "Thanks." He said and smiled. I gave him a hug. If he would have leaned down and inch our lips would touch. He leaned in. "Wait-" I said. That was a mistake, saying it out loud. It turned a touch into a kiss. Surprisingly our persectly as well. We just stood there kissing with his hands in my hair and my arms around his neck for what seemed like an hour. His breath smelled like apples but his lips tasted like cherry chapstick.I pulled apart gasping for breath. " um, ah, I'm going to go, ah, to bed now he said scratching the back of his neck. "Ya, um, good night Cameron." I said smiling and I walked off feeling his eyes stare me down until I turned the corner.
  7. The next morning, I got up at 6:00 am. I always wake up that early. I went and took a shower and put on some make up and basketball shorts alone with a flowery tee-shirt and some tenishoes. I walked down stairs to see that Sean beat me to making breakfast. " good morning sunshine. I'm making blueberry muffins. Would you like to help me?" He asked very sweetly. "Of course I would!" I told him smiling. I walked over and got out the bowl and some large spoons. As I stood up, I bumped in to Sean, sending the supplies every where."oops!" He said and we both reached for the bowl and cloncked our heads together and knocked each other on the floor. "Ow!" We both said laughing. " oh my!I'm so sorry!" I told him rubbing my head. I looked at his head and noticed it was bleeding. "Oh! You are bleeding!!!" I told him and grabbed a wash cloth and got it damp and started dabbing his cut. He looked at me in a way no boy has ever looked at me before and swooped me into a kiss swinging me around. I pulled apart and he set me on the ground. That's when we heard the screaming.
  8. Hey guys! That's it for part one! I hope you all enjoyed it!
  9. Part two will be out soon! Please keep reading! *I
  10. Please post a comment and give me feedback and ideas for future parts!

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