A one direction love story part 9

Shnee Shnee. Haha sorry I just don't really know what to say. Let's start with this is all about Liam! And it has started some drama. But the next part has even more! O_O

**Re-cap** so in the last part you went on a date with Zayn! He did a private concert for you and made you singto him! After that you ate some dinner at Nandos. You also found out the boys did an interview and included you in it!

Created by: Jhawkgirk12
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  1. What what what's up?! Haha I love the movie mall cop! Anywho I'm sorry this got out later than I thought! But I guess it wasn't late because yesterday I said tomorrow so yeah nevermind! Enjoy! ;)
  2. You wake up in the morning from being shaken awake. "______. Wake up ______." you hear. You groan and peek open your eyes. You see... Liam?! "Liam?" You yell. "yes it's me." Liam says. "How the heck did you get in?" You ask. "Your mom." Liam replies. Since it was a weekend she didn't have to work until later. "Crap. She didn't say anything embarrassing did she?" you ask nervously. "well all she said was 'well your pretty handsome to be _____'s friend!' " Liam replies. You do a face-palm and give Liam a big hug. "Let me get dressed. You can go downstairs and watch TV or get a snack or something." You say to Liam. You shove him out the door and go to get ready.
  3. **Liam's P.O.V.** After _____ shoved me out of her room I decided to go and watch some TV while I was waiting for her. I sat down and turned on the TV. I was watching the news when suddenly it says something about One Direction fighting over a girl! I immediately turn up the volume. "One Direction has apparently been all fighting over some girl as told by Harry Styles. He says 'Soon she will have to pick one of us. I just hope the other mates won't get too jealous about who she picks.' Will this girl break up the band? Who knows?" Julia says. "Crap!" I say. Suddenly I feel someone watching me.
  4. I turn to see _____'s mom. "Oh hi Ms._____." I say. "Oh call me Laura!" Laura says. I nod. (Laura will be your mom's name in this) "So you and _____ are just friends? Right?" Laura asks. "Ummmm sure?" I reply. I didn't know if she really knew who I was but I just played along. "Ohhh! Tell me all the gossip!" Laura says. Then she sits next to me on the couch excitedly. "Well there are four other guys." I reply. 'Did I really just say that?!' I yell in my head. "Sounds interesting! So she like has to pick one of you?" She asks. "Yeah I guess." I reply. Then _____ comes down.
  5. When ______ sees me with her mom her face got red. "Come on Liam, let's go before my mom can embarrass me even more." ______ says. I nod and say goodbye to Laura.
  6. **Your P.O.V.** You walked downstairs and saw Liam and my mom sitting on the couch talking! You got so mad that you could feel your face burning up. "Come on Liam, let's go before my mom can embarrass me even more." you said harshly. You didn't want to hurt your mom's feelings, but sometimes you had to. You and Liam walked outside this car. "I thought you couldn't drive?" You ask suspiciously. "I can't. It's called breaking the law." Liam said. He opened your door for you and shut it. He ran over to his seat and started driving. "So, where are we going?" You ask. "To the mall!" Liam replies.
  7. When you get to the mall Liam has to put a disguise on. It was the same wig that Louis used. Except this time Liam kept the same outfit on as normal. "Today, my name is going to be Nick." Liam says. "Haha okay. Well then let's go Nick" You say with a wink. Liam takes your  hand and you two walk into the mall.
  8. First off you guys go into any store that looks interesting. You feel bad making Liam buy you stuff so you try to act like you don't like too much. Suddenly Liam takes you into a fancy store with dresses. "Why are we in here?" You ask. "Because, tonight you might want to dress fancy." Liam replies. You nod and start to go look apt dress. You pick...
  9. You pick out that dress and go to try it on. "I'm going to try this on." You tell Liam. "Okay. I'll be waiting outside of the dressing room. You nod and go and put it on. Wow! The dress is so perfect! But then you look at the price tag. You get really sad when you see three digets. You walk out to show Liam your dress. "______, I can't even explain how beautiful you look in that dress!" Liam says. "Oh stop it you!" You say. "Alright, we are buying that dress." Liam says. "Nick, no. It's way too expensive!" You say. "Fine. Go take it off." Liam replies with a sad face. You go take off the dress and get something to eat.
  10. **Time Forward** "I'll pick you up in about 30 minutes." Liam says. Liam drops you off at your house to get ready. You log upstairs into your room and look through your shopping bags and find something that you don't remember buying. You take out the box and open it up.
  11. You have a huge smile on your face when you open up the box to see the dress you liked! You put it on and do your hair however you want. You do your makeup and then hear the doorbell. Thank god your mom isn't home so you slowly walk downstairs because you have high heels on. You open the door and see Liam in a tux. His eyes get big when he sees you. "Oh my god! _____! You look absolutely gorgeous!" Liam says. "Thanks! You too." You say. You both laugh and Liam takes your hand and you two drive off to some ball room dancing place.
  12. You and Liam walk inside and you notice a table set up in the middle of the room. It has roman pic candles around it and your favorite food all set up. "How did you find it my favorite food?" You ask Liam. "Your mom." He replies. You just laugh and sit down. You and Liam eat your dinner and talk. Suddenly the talk leads to something serious. "So ummm. ____. I have something to tell you that you should really know." Liam says. "Okay. Shoot." You reply. "So this mornings was watchingTV and I found out that Harry told everyone about the relationship deal going on." Liam says. "WHAT?" You yell. "I had no idea until this morning! They said it will break up the band, but I don't think it will, honestly." Liam says.
  13. Tears start to fill your eyes. You get up from your chair and run into the bathroom and lock the door. 'How could Harry do that?!' You think. You start crying. After a while you hear a knock at the door. "______, please just open the door." Liam says. "No. I don't want you to ever see me like this!" You yell. Then it gets silent. Finally you open up the door. You look down at Liam who is sitting on the floor. He immediately gets up and gives you a hug. "Come on. Let's take you home." Liam says.
  14. The whole ride with Liam was silent. When you get home you give him a kiss and a hug and go inside. You hang up your dress and put some PJs on. Then you laid down and fell asleep.
  15. So that's it for part 9! Part 10 has so much drama it's gonna bow your mind! And it gets very sad at a lot of parts. But I think it is like the best one yet! ;) it will be out tomorrow! Thanks for reading! :)

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