A one direction love story part 10

Heyyy! What what what's up!? So this part is you and Niall's date! Haha some of you think I forgot! NEVER! Well enjoy this quiz! And get ready to cry! ;)

**Re-cap** so the last part it was you and Liam's date! Liam took you shopping and bought you a beautiful dress! Then he took you to eat in a ballroom, but things got intense. Harry told the news all about you! You cried, but Liam comforted you! :)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
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  1. Hey! So all of you have been wondering abut Nialls date! Why of course I didn't forget it! I was just keeping it until last! Save the best for last, right? Anywho, ENJOY! ;)
  2. You wake up to the sound of your phone. You groan and answer it. "Niall? Why are you call ing me at 3:00 am?!" You ask while looking at the clock. "I was super nervous to ask you this earlier and I just now decided that i had to." Niall says. "Go on..." You say. "Okay so I was wondering if you would maybe want to do something tomorrow? I mean only if your not busy!" Niall says nervously. "Niall, of course I'd like to do something tomorrow. Or today?" You reply. You and Niall both laugh. "So I guess I will pick you up at... 11:30?" Niall asks. "sounds good!" You reply."Okay! Bye then. I'll see you in seven hours!" Niall says. Then he hangs up.
  3. **Tine Forward** You wake up and look at the clock... 11:00! You jump out of bed and throw your clothes on, brush your teeth, brush your hair and pull it up into a ponytail. Your putting your shoes on when the doorbell rings. "BYE MOM!" You yell. Then you run out the door. Out you turn and accidently run into Niall, knocking him over. You fall ontop of Niall. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" You say. You get up and hold out a hand to help Niall up. Niall takes it and you help pull him up. "Wow, your pretty strong." Niall says. You laugh. Hymning"well I do go to the gym at least twice a year." You reply. Niall laughs and gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "So wanna go get some Chinese?" Niall asks. "Heck yes!" You reply.
  4. Paul drives you guys to yummy Chinese and drops you off. "Just call me when you need a ride" Paul says. You both nod and head inside. "Two." Niall says. He also has a wig on. But this time it's brown instead of blonde. You guys follow the lady into a booth. You sit down on one end and Niall at the other. "be right back. I'm going to us the Lou." Niall says. You nod and he goes into a hall. You sit there for a while, then decide you should probably go too. You get up and turn the corner into the hall. Your eyes tear up when you see Niall kissing some girl!
  5. Niall turns and looks at you. "_____, I can explain!" Niall yells. You turn and run off. Out of the restraunt. Tears are now streaming down your face. You can't even see where your going. All you can tell is that your in some field. You trip and fall. Your hands somewhat help your fall, but not that much. Your ankle hurts a ton! You scream in pain and cry even more.
  6. You lay there for a while wondering how you will ever get home. You left your phone at the table in yummy chinese and you can't walk. Suddenly you feel a hand on your shoulder. You somehow turn to lay on your back and look up, it's Niall. You roll back over onto your stomache. "Go away." You sob. "_____. Just hear me out." Niall replies. You can tell he's really sad because his voice cracks a little. "Fine." you reply.
  7. "so I was going to use the Lou and I was just opening the door when someone taps my back. So I turn around and see a girl. She knew I was Niall from One Direction and wanted a hug. So I gave her a hug then out of nowhere she kissed me! Then I saw you and I tried to explain my self." Niall says. "And why should I believe you?" You ask. "Because..." Niall starts. He pauses trying to think. "you know what. Save it." you say. You could then manage to get up and limp away slowly. You look back at Niall who just stands there, tears in his eyes.
  8. You limp over to the street and back to the restraunt. Luckily your phone is still at the table. You grab it, go outside, and call your mom. She agrees to take you home and asks no questions. She drops you off at home because she has to go back to work. You go inside and sit on the couch to take a nap. You turn on the TV and see you on TV! You turn it up and listen in.
  9. "All of One Direction is apparently fighting over this girl named ______. A fan has told us she saw Niall and _____ at a Chinese restraunt and said that things didn't really work out. We will keep you updated on the situation later." Julia says. You scream at the TV. Niall was right! But would he ever forgive you? You immediately grab your phone and call him. No answer. Your head hurts from stressing so you decide to take a nap.
  10. **Time Forward** You wake up to the doorbell ringing. You groan, get up, and answer the door. You open up the door and see Niall on one knee holding a rose. "you should believe me because _____, I love you. And I would never want to ever hurt you." Niall says. You step out onto the porch and close the door. Niall stands up and just stares at you, waiting for an answer. You run up to him and hug him and give him a huge kiss. He just hugs you tighter.
  11. "I love you too." You whisper. You take his hand and lead him inside. You both sit on the couch. "Did you watch the news?" You ask. "No! Why? What happened?" Niall asks worried. "They know my name now! And even worse, they saw us at the restraunt. And I found out you were telling the truth." You reply. "wow. That's a lot to take in!" Niall says. You both laugh. "I still remember everything that happened with you, ya know." Niall says. "You do? Like what?" You ask. "Like when I told you I loved you. And when we played truth or dare and Harry had to lick your shoe. And how we burnt down the stove, and got a new one. I could go on forever." Niall replies. You rest your head on his shoulder and close your eyes. "I liked it back then, it was just so... Simple." You say. Niall just plays with your hair and nods. "Me too." Niall says. "You know what we should do?" Niall says. "What?" You ask. "Tomorrow we should do what we did back then. It's going to be our last day anyways." Niall replies.
  12. "That would be pretty awesome, but it will never be the same. Besides I have to talk to Harry." You say. "Why?" Niall asks. "the news?" You reply. "Oh, right." Niall says. "so do you wanna make some dinner?" You ask. "WOULD I!" Niall asks. Youdpboth go into the kitchen and start to make some pizza, but it turns into a flour fight. You and Niall both end up covered in flour. And, even worse, the kitchen is a mess! Suddenly you hear the front door open and your mom comes into the kitchen.
  13. "Mom? What are you doing here?" You ask. "Well I just finished work! I was going to see if you wanted to go have dinner together. But it looks like you already have plans." Your mom replies. "Hi Ms. _____. I'm Niall." Niall says. You give him a 'What are you doing' look. "How polite!" Your mom says. She gives you a smile. Niall just laughs. "So what are you two making?" Your mom asks. "Pizza. Would you like some?" Niall asks your mom. "No, I think I'll be a nice mom and leave you two alone. And don't forget to clean up when your done." Your mon replies. Then she walks out of the kitchen and back out the door. "Well that was strange. Normally she would stay and embarrass me." You say.
  14. You and Niall clean up and eat dinner. "Well I think I should go take a shower, and you too." Niall says. "Okay. I'll see ya tomorrow then!" You give Niall a kiss then he leaves. You go upstairs and take a shower. After your shower you watch some spongebob. Spongebob always makes you feel better. Tomorrow might be the best or the worst day ever. It made your stomache hurt just thinking about who you should pick. And what about the news? And Harry? What will he say when you ask him why he did such a thing? It all spun around in your head. You decided to just see how it went. You lay down and slowly drift off to sleep.

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