Your Love is a Lie *Part 3*

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Hello and welcome to Part 3 of my story quiz! I've been working really hard on my series and if you have no idea what's going on, feel free to check out the previous parts of the story.

Okay, so in the comments I need some characters. If you're not reading this, I'll post a reminder in the comments. I will need a name, gender, appearance, personality, age, and relationship status. I will use the ones that I find most complete.

Created by: PurpleCherries

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  1. As I look up at the sky from where I lay, I see a flock of birds overhead. They seem so free. I slowly get to my feet and decide to take a walk. It will clear my mind. As I am taking my walk, a see a woman walking her dog. And a couple holding hands. I sigh. Why could I grow up normal?
  2. The wind is blowing and I tuck a loose strand of red hair behind my ears. I cross my arms and try to gather some warmth. I don't know where to go. Home? No, they don't want me there. School? No one is there at this time of day. "Excuse me!" I hear someone behind me say. I turn around and see a man jogging up to me. "What?" I say, monotonously. "Are you okay? Your head is bleeding," he responds. "I'm fine," I say back.
  3. "You want to come home with me? I have some clothes I could give you," he tells me. Shrugging, I agree. As he walks me to his house he asks me about myself. I tell him I'm a junior in high school, my dad kicked me out, and I have nowhere to go. He says, "Oh, well that's too bad." We finally get to his house and he unlocks the door. The sight I see is unbelievable.
  4. His house is beautiful. The floor is tiled, there is a spiraling staircase, and a majestic piano. I gasp. "So, you like it?" he asks. I'm speechless. It's much different from my house at home. All I could do is nod. He smiles proudly.
  5. The man leads me upstairs to the guest room. It's nothing I could have imagined. The bed is queen-sized, the curtains are a deep shade of red and match my sheets. There is even a huge flat-screen TV. I sit on the bed and look around with my mouth open. "Well, the wardrobe is full of clothes. I'll leave you to get some rest," he says. I nod and he closes the door. Wow, how long has it been since I watched TV? I guess it's my lucky day.
  6. I open the door of my wardrobe and it is filled with beautiful clothing. I quickly change into:
  7. After I get into my clothes I lay on the bed and turn on the TV. Quickly, I fall asleep. When I wake up the next morning I feel refreshed and, for the first time in a long time, happy. I tiptoe around trying to find a shower. Finally, I see it. I feel nervous and excited. It's been a long time since I've taken a shower too. I make sure I lock the door and jump in. As soon as I'm done, I see that there are no towels!
  8. Embarrassed, I try calling for help. No answer. I then quietly open the door and look around. No one is there. So I run back to my room and shut the door. I feel relieved and I breathe out.
  9. After I change my outfit once again, I go back into the bathroom and gather my clothes. I take them back into my room and lay them on a velvety chair in the corner. It's a little hot so I open up the windows. Ah, this feels nice. I open the door and go into the hallway. I walk down the spiral staircase and see the man eating breakfast in the kitchen. "Oh, good morning. I didn't want to wake you. You look nice," he says.
  10. "Thanks," I mumble. I take a seat and he asks, "What would you like to eat?" I ask for oatmeal and he gets it prepared. As I'm cooling my oatmeal he introduces himself. "Hi, my name is Will." "Um, my name is Artemis," I respond. "A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He winks.
  11. That's it for Part 3! I hope you liked it :)

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