Just another love story (part 3)

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Created by: kimmy2224
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  1. You wake up a few minutes later. " we're here!" the Guys yell. You wake up. Alex parks the car in this huge garage. You all walk out and run to the front of the house. The guys all push each other to be the first one to open the door. Andrew trips and falls. The guys all stop and laugh at him. You reach the door and open it. "OMG!" you say surprised. 
  2. You started falling through a huge balk hole. You start spinning. " ___" you hear someone yell your name. You start screaming your head off. "help!!" you scream. " __ nice of you to join me" says a familiar evil voice. Nicole. "what? Where are you? What do you want with me?" you ask still falling. You didn't see her anywhere. It was so dark all you see is the color black. You were falling fast. " you know what I want. I want your powers" she says. "why? what have I ever done to you?" you ask. " Its what your parents did. They killed my parents and destroyed me house!" she said. Her voice got closer and closer. " my parents couldn't have done that. There just human". You soddenly stopped falling and hit the ground full of green grass. You where at Nicole's house again. But instead of it being old and damaged, it looked new and normal. You walked up to the living room window and looked inside. They had a Christmas tree up and a lot presents surrounding it. It must have been Christmas at the time.
  3. The room was full of kids and parents having fun and exchanging presents.They looked like a happy family. *why would my parents want to kill  Nicole's parents?* you thought to yourself. You looked around and saw Nicole talking to a little girl. Nicole looked around 9 years old. She was crying with her hands on her face. Nicole had her hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her. The little girl looked up at her. Nicole smiled and gave her a little doll. The little girl stop crying, took the doll and hugged Nicole. Nicole hugged her back and smiled. You smiled. Nicole was such a little sweet heart. You whispering to your left. You walked to your left intill you see Nicole's parents. "don't worry about anything honey. Soon the world would be under our control" says Nicole's dad. " what if it doesn't work" asks Nicole's mom. " it will. We will set the machine at 12:00 O'clock. Then everyone would be under our control and do whatever we say" he says confident that his plan will work. Nicole's mom said something but you couldn't hear it.
  4. You stepped closer to them. Then u tripped on a rock and fell. You looked at them terrified that they might have saw u. But they didn't. You got up and thats when you realized that they couldn't see you at all. You went up to them. They were talking about what they would do if they has control of the world when something came full speed at them. BOOM!! Everything went flying. You looked up to see who was there. You gasped. It was your parents. "what? How could it be my parents? Why didn't they tell me about this?" you kept asking yourself questions. They were flying and throwing balls of fire at them. You heard screaming and saw everybody running out of the house. 
  5. Then little Nicole walked out shouting " stay away from my mommy and daddy!". She started to cry. You felt so sad for her. Doesn't she know that her parents were planing to role the world? You looked back to your parents. How could they not tell you about all this? The whole house was on fire and nicole was now in the corner of the wall crying. Your mom and dad flew away. Then the ground started to shake. Everything started to disappear. You were falling again. " prepare to meet your doom" you hear Nicole say. " wait! Stop! Did you see that?" you ask her trying to find out if she knew what her parents we're trying to do. " yes I saw it! I was there. Your parents came out of nowhere, killed my parents, burned down my and, and ruined my Christmas and for no reason at all" she says sounding kinda sad. "wait no it-" she cuts you off. " silence! You've got 10 second before I get my revenge".
  6.  "what! Help!!" you scream. You were falling down so fast, hot tears dripping down your checks, your heart pounding against your chest. You closed your eyes praying to live. Then suddenly someone grabs you. You open your eyes. "Alex!" you say happily and hug him. " what's going on?" he asks. You were about to tell him when you see the portal closing. "Alex! The portal! It's closing! Hurray!!!" you scream. Alexs flys up as fast as he could. You make it with only a second before the portal closes. Everyone comes up and hugs you. You try to catch your breath. " now tell us what us going on" says Matt. You tell them all about your dream with Nicole and what happened when you went inside the portal. " so Nicole didn't know that her parents were evil?" asks Andrew. " no she didn't. And now she wants to get her revenge because she thinks my parents killed hers for no reason" you say. " well we better get you ready. Tomorrow we Start training" say josh. You nod in reasons. 
  7. You look around. " hey wheres miky L- I mean mike" you ask the guys. " he went inside. " oh then let's go I wanna see The house. You all walk in. " WOW this is awesome!" you yell. " thank you mrs.___ I hope you enjoy your stay" says a voice. " what? Who there's?" you ask surprised. " it the house" says mike from behind you. You jump up. " oh miky you scared me" you say. " haha sorry cutie" he says and looks right into your eyes. You turn around quickly. " soo...umm where's my room?" you ask. " 2nd floor. 2 doors to the left" says Alex. "oh thanks I gonna go check it out be right back" you say half way up the Stares. You finally get to your room. You open the door and you couldn't believe what you saw. You felt like you where in haven! The room has everything you liked. It was all you ever wanted. " I know isn't it Awesome!" you hear someone say. " Andrew! Why are you always in my room?" you ask. " well I was gonna go take a shower when I saw your room" he says. " so you just invite yourself in" you ask looking at him. 
  8. "yeah" he says smiling at you. " your stupid" you say and stick your tongue at him. " woah? That hurts. That hurts right here" he says pointing to his heart. " good!" you say teasing him. He laughs and sits on the bed. You sit down with him. He looks at you with his Amazing blue eyes. You look right back at him. * Man I love his eyes. He is to cute* you think to yourself. "thank you" he says. " ugh Andrew!" you say and smack him. "and so are you" he says and looks at you with a warm look. You melt in your inside. " I know I'm cute" you say and make the weirdest face ever. 
  9. He laughs and then stares at you again. You try to say something but every time you open your mouth nothing comes out. He sits down closer to you. "umm...shouldn't you go take a shower" you ask him. " what? You want me to leave?" he ask. " that would be a dream come true" you say. " ill go take a shower only of you say please" he says and grins. " Please!! Now leave" you say opening the door for him. " only cuz you said please" he says and winks at you. You roll your eyes. " bye cutie" he says and grins. "ugh" you say and slam the door shut. "love you to" you hear him say. You laugh "hate you too" you shout. 
  10. You then decide to take a shower. After 20 minutes you get out. You go to your closest and see all the cuties clothes in the world. " wow!" you say. "I got all these clothes for you based on your personality" says the house. " oh thank you. It's so cool" you say looking at the ceiling. " my name is Anna but you can call me Ann" she says. "oh ok ann" you say. You then pick out what you are going to wear. You take of your clothes and put on your shirt. As you were putting it on someone opens the door. 
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