Mutant love story part1

There are mant tests in the world but none like this. this test witch has on going partswho knows when the story will end. test your self in this quiz and see if you can survive part one

Can you survive part one of Mutant Love story? do you want to knw i cant tell you enless you take this quiz. so comemon and take this quiz. you know you want to you mutant

Created by: mya403
  1. You wake up in a hospital, no not a hospital it could be its your room.
  2. your head hurts you must have a headache
  3. its a migrain you need water. no pills are going to halp this time
  4. get out of bed and stand in.... what is it that your standing in
  5. (you) "how did this get hear" you wonder. (you) " i need to get that water" worried about more /sand/mud/water/ to go through you stay in your room
  6. Now you wish to go outside but you are being poked you look behind you nothing there -poke- you look to you side still nothings there you heear voices saying...
  7. you look around you see a girl she smiles and waves "hi," she says "Im Arriana and this is my twin brother Vincent."you
  8. "and your name is..." Arriana asks you thik what your name is . you've lived your whole life knowin you name but now you cant remeber it . its not even on the top of your tongue you tell Arriana...
  9. Arriana smiles but gets pushed by her brother "dont communicate with this this this mutant" says vincent
  10. Arriana pushes vincent "were not going to anything to you but you do look hungry do you want a hamburger" you...
  11. Arrianna hands you a hamburger it looks wierd "i know it looks weird but its food
  12. BOOM CRASH " ARRIANNA, get the mutant and lets get to the hide out Nein will never find us there."
  13. while running Arrianna trips you know you have to get to the hideout vincent is talking about but Arriana does to. do you go back and save her?
  14. even though you plan to protect yourself you cant help but go back and save her
  15. you get to the hide all threee of you safe but something dosent feel right
  16. Nien is a mutant who kills other mutants and collects their power to make himself stronger" vincent tells you
  17. vincent refuses to tell you the next question but he evetually does we are mutants
  18. Arriana is about to answere you questionwhen Nein rips off the roof vincent grabs your arm and trys to pull you away you

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