Break Away (Part 1)

Hey! This is a story about a girl named Miranda and her group of mutants. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Read the first paragraph, then go read the story! Rate and comment, I'd love to know what you think, as well as hear any suggestions on how I can improve!

Created by: LetsParty
  1. I'm running . . . things wizz past my face . . . I have to make it to the Cove but making it there would mean leading them there . . . do I risk it or allow myself to be captured? Or do I . . . I veer left . . . and throw myself off the edge of the cliff.
  2. I wake up sweating. 'It was only a dream, just a dream,' I remind myself, sitting up on my bed (which is pretty much just a pile of blankets and pillows). I slip out of bed and put on my sneakers. I throw a jacket on over my tanktop and jeans and push aside the vines hanging over the door to my cave. I step outside into the little valley. No one else is awake, but my senses are in alarm mode.
  3. I walk to the entrance to our little valley. I don't know why we call it the 'Cove' That's just what we've always called it. I drag my fingers through my dirty blode hair. 'I really need to cut it again,' I think as I pull it into a sloppy braid. "I think your hair's pretty the way it is," says a voice behind me. I startle. I must have shut off my heightened senses. The only person who can sneak up on me when I have them on is James. "Can you please stop reading my mind, Cileen?" I ask, irritated. "Sure, I'll just stop doing what I was born to do," she replies sarcasticly.
  4. I sigh. "Go get Renal. It's her turn to make breakfast. I'll wakeup James. We need some more suplies." I walk toward a cave with a bunch of dead black vines hanging over the entrance. "Hey James," I say form just outside it, "We need more suplies!" don't bother walking in. He can teleport so he's probably already down at the nearest town grabbing food, blankets, clothes, and things like that. I turn around and head for the center of the Cove. Renal has already got some bacon frying and some eggs cooking.
  5. James appears beside me holding a bunch of bags. "Thanks J," I say, "Moon can help you with those. I don't think she's up yet." James dissapears, probably reappearing in Moon's cave. I grab some wooden platters and start serving up breakfast. "Up 'n' at 'em!" I yell. "If you don't get up, you don't get breakfast!" adds Renal.
  6. Suddenly, everyone is swarming out. start passing out platters of food when Moon taps me on the shoulder. "Yes, sweetie?" I ask. She takes my arm and leads me to her cave.
  7. We get to her cave and she hands me a peice of paper. I look at it and my face pales. "Honey . . . did you dream this?" I ask slowly, staring at it. She nods and I go even paler, because on that peice of paper is a picture of me, falling, and a stone bearing the name 'Miranda'. My name.
  9. So. A few quick shoutouts. Firstly, Max. Thank you so much for your support, and for giving the main character a name! Next, Manny. If you are reading this somehow, then know that you played a key role in the writing of this story as well as Max. Demi, thank you for your help and for coming up with the name of this seiries! And lastly, to you. Thank you sososososo much for reading this random peice of crap. Thank you all!
  10. Please rate and comment!

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