Mutants - Part Four

Hello again! This Sequel to "Mutants - Part Three" might just be one of my favorites! Please, please, please rate and comment on this quiz! I worked very hard!

Here it is! The Sequel to, "Mutants - Part Three". This one's gonna be great! There is a little bit of suspense in here, cause I didn't want to really gross or creep you out.

Created by: Wassup9877
  1. You woke up, hoping it was all a dream, it wasn't. In the dark, somebody was watching you. You couldn't see the face, just glowing red eyes.
  2. "Awake already?" the voice sounded familiar, but you couldn't tell who it was, you were still sleepy, groggy. "Who's there?" was all you could reply. "It's Christian."
  3. "Oh, hey." you replied to his perfect angelic voice. "Come on, we have to get back to Scion. Four days of watching you sleep really gives you some cramps. "Four days! That's how long I was out cold?" you said. "Yeah, I guess the little experiment gave you some serious side effects." Christian replied. "Let's go." he reached out his hand and pulled you up.
  4. It was a long walk. A few minutes later Christian asked, "I'm bored...I'll race you there?" "Oh, it's on!" you replied. "One, two, three, go!" His legs were a blur. And so were yours. But soon you slowed down to a stop. Christian stopped too, just a few feet away, he ran up to you and said, "You know, for a Werepyre, you're pretty slow." he smiled, showing his brilliant teeth. Then he laughed.
  5. You laughed with him. "What's a Werepyre?" you asked. "Half Vampire, Half Werewolf, some Demon and some human inside you. Very powerful creatures." he replied. You both continued running with each other. Soon you started walking with him, talking. You were laughing with him about something he said. But he stopped and looked toward a building, you did too. It was Scion, the building was burning.
  6. You both ran inside. The place was wrecked. You guys went to the communications room. Christian dialed a number on his phone. "Keith what happened?" Christian asked. You tried to hear what they were talking about, you succeeded. "They are looking for her, the girl." Keith's voice sounded panicked, "You have to kill her." "No." replied Christian. "That's an order!" Keith shouted. "Just tell me where your location is and I'll come. I'm going to put you on video now."
  7. Christian got a wire out and attached it to a machine then he looked into a big screen. It turned on, you saw Keith, panting and running...and growling. "Where's Alan?" Christian asked. "I think they got him." Keith replied. "What? Who did?" "The Ashes. They created a monster, something sinister." Keith whispered, panicking. "It's gonna find me soon, and it will find you too." Keith stammered.
  8. "Where is your location?" Christian asked. "It's in-ahh!" you heard a sickening crunch and you a saw him being dragged by a monster. You couldn't see it's face. But it was enough to terrify you. Then the screen went black.
  9. "Damn it!" Christian shouted, slamming his fist down so hard, it made the machine crumble to pieces. "Where is Keith and Alan?" you asked. "Well, he said it was The Ashes who captured...or killed them. So they must be in the heart of The Ashes Rebellion Agency."
  10. "Who are they?" you asked. "Let's just say that they are bad people.... A few years ago, when you had your memory. The Ashes invaded Scion. They ambushed us from all around. You were running away from one of them, outside. Then it hit you on your head so hard, you crumpled to the ground. We thought you were captured. Soon, you woke up in a orphanage." Christian said.
  11. You heard a growl. Suddenly, the alarm rang, everything went dark, all you could see were flashing red lights. Then you heard a terrible screech, so loud it hurt your ears. It was like someone yelling right into your eardrums. "Something is still here." Christian said.

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