Mutants - Part Three

Here is the third "Mutants" I don't really know how much more I'm gonna make in these Series. But this one might be a little bad, but better than the second one, right?

In the third "Mutants" Series, you FINALLY get to see Keith's face! It's not anything like you will imagine! In the fourth installment of the "Mutants" Series. There MIGHT! Just might, be action. I'm not really sure.

Created by: Wassup9877
  1. The Scion Organization was nothing like you imagined, a little. It was very big and very high tech. Keith walked away, ordering Christian to follow him. That left you with Alan.
  2. "Let me give you a tour." he said in a deep voice, he gestured his hand to come toward you. And you did, something about his voice was seducing. He winked and grinned.
  3. You followed him around the Agency. You passed some mutants here and there, some were...unusual. One mutant had scales and lizard like features. Another was a Shape Shifter and a four legged beast with some horns, teeth sharper than a knife and claws sharper than those of a tiger. It was big, furry, muscular and vicious. It had sharp, yellow, cat like eyes too.
  4. He showed you a corridor, it was wrecked. There were scratches on the walls...and dried blood. Alan sighed, "This place is still a mess after the war." he said. "What war?" you asked. "I guess it hasn't taken full effect yet.... The Ashes attacked us last night, Scions new enemy. We don't have very much information about them, not yet. This corridor is still under construction. Until then, if they come back, we'll be ready."
  5. "Were they after something?" you asked. He stopped walking. And hesitated, "Yes...." he replied. You were curious of what they were looking for, but you decided to let it go. "Let's move on." you said. "Right." he replied, he continued walking, and stopped at a metal door, strongly protected by security cameras, lasers, beams, alarms, hand and eye scanner, pass codes and two big guards.
  6. "Move!" Alan ordered. The guards were tense, but moved. You guys walked in.. The guards were still looking at you, afraid that you might break something. The room was small, but there was a luminous light coming from the center of the room. And in the center of the light, was a small syringe. You pushed your hand forward, slowly, wanting to touch it. Suddenly, something grabbed your hand, hard. "Don't touch that! Do you want your hand melted." Alan said in a harsh whisper. You had second thoughts and pulled your hand away.
  7. "That's what I thought." Alan said, sternly. "Some Protectors out there. They always take their job too seriously." Alan said, he nodded to the steel door. "Highly trained warriors and knights. Pfft!" he looked at the syringe. He muttered something and the light went away, he took the syringe. Must be voice activated you thought. "This is what we are gonna test you with, let's get to the testing lab.
  8. The testing lab was white and black, it had all types of high technology stuff. Computers, buttons, latches, switches etc. And there were robots in lab coats.
  9. You saw Christian and Keith again, arguing. Alan walked over to them and calmed them down. Christian looked like he was about to burst with anger, while Keith was very calm, and breathing hard. A few minutes later, they chained you on to a platform. Christian pushed a button, and then the platform was moving. It slid you inside a big glass box, meant for only one human to fit.
  10. Keith soon walked in the glass box and put a breathing mask on you, then he injected the syringe into your blood stream. Keith jumped out of the glass box and nodded to Alan. You heard someone type onto a keyboard. And green liquid started filling up the glass box. You felt numb and soon you fell to sleep. You suddenly wake up, with your eyes half opened. "Is she dead?" Alan asked. "No. Just out cold." replied Keith. "How long has it been?" Christian asked. "Couple hours." replied Keith, he took his hoodie off and looked at you. One side of his face was so perfect, it was carved by angels. The other side of his face was scarred, you saw some of his bones showing, literally. His arm reached up to the breathing mask, and pulled it out. His whole hand was bone, some of it was made out of metal. It was like half of his body was all skeleton and machine. "Get her back to her house, Christian." Keith ordered. Christian picked you up and started running, you fell asleep in his arms.

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