Mutants - Part Six

Hey, hey, hey! Take this quiz right here if you like suspense, mystery, action and a little bit of horror! This is just like a movie in your head! Hope you enjoy!

Which one do you prefer? Connor? Christian? Keith? Alan? Find out when you take this quiz! Come back for my next one in the Series! "Mutants - Part Seven"! It's not hard to miss!

Created by: Wassup9877
  1. You woke up, expecting to be on Christian's lap, you weren't. Instead, you saw him, sitting against the wall, holding his chest. He was bleeding.
  2. "You're bleeding." you said. "Yes." he replied. "I thought Vampires didn't bleed?" "I'm actually a Dhampir, half human and half Vampire."
  3. It took you a minute to register what he had said. "So you're going to die...." you said. He nodded. "We have to get you help." you almost shouted. "Yes, but first I need some rest." he closed his eyes. And soon, you fell asleep.
  4. You woke up with a loud bang. "Quiet..." said Christian. You nodded and put your ear against the cell door. "Get you're hands off me!". It was a deep voice. You heard footsteps coming towards your cell. You backed up, the cell door opened. A boy was thrown against the back wall, then the door was closed. The boy stood up, he was wearing skinny jeans and a T-shirt. His hair was brown and cropped. He was kind of muscular and a start of a beard. But his eyes were sharp and a stunning shade of gray.
  5. He growled, but he took a deep breath and sat down. "Who are you?" you asked. "Connor Tyson, son of Carson Vincent. I'm 19." he replied. He smiled, he took his hand out to shake yours. You mimicked his move.
  6. "I'm _______." you said. You smiled back. He grinned and turned around to face Christian. "I'm sorry, we haven't-...Christian?" "Connor?" said Christian. "You two know each other?" you asked. "Yes, we were friends back at Scion." replied Connor.
  7. You saw Connor looking at Christian's wound. "Rampage." you said. "Hmmm...." was all Connor said. "Can you help him?" you asked. Connor hesitated, "I'm a Demon, not a Healer. But yes, I can heal him. It's just very tricky."
  8. Connor inhaled. You saw his eyes turn blue. He held his hands up as if he were holding something. A blue glowing orb formed in his hand. Connor finally exhaled. You saw Christian's eyes close, he was dying.
  9. The tiny orb in his hand traveled in the air and sunk into Christian's bare chest. The cut disappeared, as if it were never there. Christian's eyes opened. "Whew! That was easier than I thought." Connor said, relief in his voice. "I thought I was gonna kill him."
  10. "Kill him?!?!" you said. "Yeah...heh...I don't really have good control over my powers. You gotta blame your parents for not letting you practice." he shrugged. "How did you wind up in here?" you asked. "Let's just say, my birthday didn't go so well, I'll tell you about it later." Connor said, his voice was deeper than usual, something was wrong.

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