Mutants - Part Eight

Sorry it took me so long to make another one. Heh.... I really apologize to my fans. :) I'll try to make the next one quicker, there has just been some "family" type, stuff, yeah....

Enjoy my new installment of, "Mutants - Part Eight"! I thought "Mutants" was the best quiz I have EVER made! But, wouldn't it be cool if it was turned into a movie!?!?

Created by: Wassup9877
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  1. "What about Connor's past?" you asked. "His parents abandoned him when he was just four, they left him for his little brother, Keith. Connor grew up living on the streets for a few years, then a rich man found him and took him in as one of his own." Alan replied.
  2. Something dropped on your shoulder, it was saliva. You looked up, it was a huge lizard-like monster with wings. You were horrified. "Relax. It's chained, it won't eat you yet." Alan said. "Yet?" you replied. "The executioner is supposed to unchain that beast so it can eat us alive to the bone. He's also supposed to let that thing out too." Alan said, as he nodded to his right.
  3. You looked, it was a cave and it had solid titanium metal bars. You saw four red eyes. And you heard a roar, it sounded like a screeching sound. "That was the beast that captured Keith and I. It's a sinister monster!" Alan spat.
  4. The executioner came in, he had a wolf-like face and horns, he had demon claws and giant hooves. He carried a giant ax on his shoulder. The beast turned his head to Christian and spoke, "Nice to see you again, Brother Akuma."
  5. Christian nodded and said, "Hello, Azazel." "How long has it been since we've seen each other? Decades? Centuries? A millenia?" Azazel replied. "1,000 years Azzy." Christian replied, then grinned. Azazel lifted up his hand and grabbed Christian's neck and said, "Don't. Call. Me. That!"
  6. Christian said, "Oh, so mom can call you "Azzy" and I can't?" Azazel snorted, you saw fog come out of his huge nostrils. Azazel let go of Christian and punched him in the face. It was so loud that you heard the bones in his jaw crack. He didn't even flinch or blink. Christian's jaw looked messed up. But a minute later, it started healing and automatically putting itself back into the right position.
  7. Azazel headed to the door, but stopped halfway there and said, "I hope the Kazakai enjoys eating Gods." he grinned and looked to the right, then left the room.
  8. "He's letting the Kazakai out!" Alan yelled. Connor said, "We have to do something!" Keith tore the chain loose, like it was nothing, then said, "Christian, you know what to do!". Christian nodded, inhaled, then after 5 seconds, he exhaled, the chains automatically let you go. You fell onto the ground, instead, Connor was standing on the wall and suddenly walked down it, to the ground.
  9. You looked to your right, the gate was open, but nothing was in there. The Kazakai must've crawled out while you were escaping. "Quiet!" Christian whispered harshly. "It's somewhere in here." Keith was standing beside you. Then he whispered in your ear, "Lights out...." then everything went black.
  10. Okay guys, I SERIOUSLY NEED to KNOW who you WANT to end up with in the Final Chapter of, "Mutants"! Pick one, then comment his name! And Rate it too!

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