Mutants - Part Five

Hello! Again! Here is my fifth installment of, "Mutants"! I hope you like it! I didn't, this was probably my least favorite. :( Sorry, I'll try to do better. ;)

Hey! Let me tell you some stuff in, "Mutants - Part Six". There will be a new character, his name is Connor! I hope you like him! He's quite handsome. ;D

Created by: Wassup9877
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  1. Suddenly there was a whoosh of air, it was so close it blew your hair. "It's a Shadow...." Christian said. His voice sounded a little panicked. You instantly remembered the beast you saw when Alan toured you around. What were they doing with one of the Ashes assassins? Christian nodded, as if reading your mind. "We have to kill it. The Shadow has gathered too much information about Scion.
  2. "Attack it from the side, it may have strength and speed, but it doesn't have skill." Christian said. The door to the communications room opened. You saw the beast in the dim red light, it was just how you remembered it. But someone was on top of it, riding the Shadow as if it was a horse.
  3. The monster riding on the Shadow was wrapped with fabric, like a mummy only his face was showing, it was a skull, with the same eyes as the Shadow. Christian cussed. "Rampage....". You saw something flash, you looked back at the Rampage, he was holding a chain, with a blade attached to the bottom.
  4. The Rampage striked at you guys once, then twice. "You get the Shadow, I'll take care of the cowboy." Christian said. You looked back at the Shadow. It growled at you. Christian leaped onto the Rampage and knocked him off.
  5. The Shadow whacked you in the face with it's tail, you sailed backwards and slammed into a wall. It charged at you, you moved out of the way, but it scratched you on the chest. It's hands went through the wall, it was stuck. You attacked from the side. He whimpered.
  6. Something cut your cheek you turned around to see, the Rampage, holding Christian's neck, he threw him onto the floor. And then grabbed you and threw you onto the Shadow, he got on and held you tightly, so you wouldn't escape. You saw Christian, laying on the floor, breathing heavily.
  7. The Rampage seemed to be looking at him too. He started to go, but then Christian jumped up and attempted to leap onto the Rampage, but failed. The Rampage slashed his chain at him, the blade went right through his chest. He captured you two and started to go back to The Ashes, deciding to drag Christian with his chain whip on his way.
  8. You arrived to the Ashes, it was a huge building, covered in smoke and the smell of death. There were skulls, dead people and carcasses. You got closer to the building, you noticed the walls were covered with blood. Fresh and old.
  9. You went through the door, it was no better inside, it was worse. The stench and the appearance inside the building was so bad, it made the outside look like the cleanest place in the whole world. You started to notice that you two were the only ones that looked human, all the others were monsters, they didn't look anywhere near human. A few minutes later, the Rampage put you two in a cell. It was filled with bones, rats and disease.
  10. The Rampage closed the cell door, and everything went black. You soon fell asleep, onto Christian's lap. The last thing you heard was a horrifying hiss.

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