Mutants - Part Two

Here is the Sequal to, "Mutants - Part One". This one's gonna be great! In my opinion. Okay, I admit it, this one MIGHT be a LITTLE cheesy. But Sequals are always pretty bad, right?

Oh yeah, this quiz is for GIRLS ONLY! So please, get out of this quiz if you're a boy. This quiz is about suspense, a little horror, some comedy and some romance and lots of action.

Created by: Wassup9877
  1. "Wh-who are you guys?" you managed to say. The one in the cloak chuckled darkly, but only for a short second. "I see her memory isn't restored yet, was there a problem with the drug?" He shot a dark look at Christian. Christian took a step back, "It takes time for the liquid to spread." Christian replied then he shrugged. You looked over to the blond, he was glaring at you, he grinned evilly.
  2. "Well, let's see if I can jog her memory...." said the blond, he clenched his fists. "No." the guy in the cloak said. "I'm sorry, we didn't get to introduce ourselves. I am Keith. He is Alan, a Werewolf." he gestured to the blonde "The Werewolf." corrected Alan, "Of course." replied Keith. "And you already know Christian, he's a Vampire."
  3. "Why are you here?" you replied. "Your father sent us, and not your foolish parents who adopted you." Keith replied. "I was an orphan?" "Of course you were, shall I start from the beginning?" Keith asked, you just nodded, not able to say anything.
  4. "Your father was the founder of Scion, a secret agency for mutants, monsters or anything inhuman. The Scours, were workers of his, their job is to find mutants all around the world and bring them back to the agency to test them. Then, Evolvs begin their work, their job is to train the new mutants.
  5. He soon fell in love with a beautiful woman, Annalise. And soon, Annalise had a baby." he looked at you. "She was murdered when you were just 4 years of age. The person who murdered her is still a mystery.... Soon, I found you, crying on the street, this was before I joined Scion. I took you in, and raised you, I protected you, I cared for you. But your father was looking all over for you, then he found me. He punished me and abused my body, cause he thought I was the murderer and he thought that I kidnapped you.
  6. Your father found out the truth later on. But he decided to keep me, he trained me to be a Taikon, one of the deadliest assassins in the world, they were fast, strong, clever, highly skilled and had advanced weapons. I am the only one of my kind. Join us again.
  7. You were speechless. Instead you reacted, you ran away from them, toward your house. "Should we get her?" said Alan, he took a step forward. "No," replied Keith, "She'll come back, once the liquid will sink in. Right now, we have to get back to the agency." and within a second, they were gone. All that was left was a black puff of smoke.
  8. You lay there on your bed, thinking. But soon, sleep came to you and you drifted away, dreaming. You woke up, suddenly you remembered everything. You decided to go back to the alley. You knew they would be there. You were walking down the stairs, not even bothering to change your clothing. And you came to the alley, and...they were there....
  9. "I told you she'd come back." whispered Keith. "Hmph!" replied Alan. "So, are you going to join us again or not?" asked Keith, you shook your head. "I see...." "I don't kill people and I don't take anyone away from their families." "Fine, you don't have to join us, under one condition." "What?" you asked. "I have been working on your "Unfinished Experiment" and I have decided to test it on you." "What! You finished it? Destroy it! You have no idea what type of power is wields! It's dangerous!" you exclaimed.
  10. "Test it, or your parents are gonna have a little surprise on their honeymoon." he grinned evilly. You sighed, you've been beaten. "Ok, I"ll let you test it on me." "Finally, we have a prototype." he smiled a toothy grin. He held his hand out. You took it, and in a flash, everything went black.

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