Mutants - Part One

Do you like stories about mythical creatures and inhuman powers? This book does not only have Vampires and Werewolves, it has Demons, Gods and many more monsters you can ever imagine.

Do you like stories that have action, drama and comedy? Well this quiz is right for you, it not only has action and drama, it has romance and maybe a little bit of horror.

Created by: Wassup9877
  1. This quiz is for girls only so if you're a guy,...GET OUT OF THIS QUIZ!
  2. You wake up in the morning, feeling too sick for school, you tell your parents that you're sick. They get you to the doctors and schedule you a time, "We'll be at home, honey." said mom. Then after 50 minutes in the waiting room, the nurse calls you into the doctors office.
  3. "He will be with you momentarily." said the nurse. You nodded and she left. A few minutes later, the doc walks in. He didn't look anything like a doctor, he looked Asian, he was very young, maybe 18. He had cropped black hair and unusually red blank eyes. "Hello, I am Christian." he said, in a sparkling voice and smiled a gleaming smile that showed his perfect pearl white teeth, his perfectness made your heart skip 2 beats, his lips twitched.
  4. "He-hello." you managed to stutter back. "Hmm..." he said, sitting down on a stool, it was so fluid and graceful that you almost felt like wanting to beg to see it again. He then did what other docs do, he heard your heartbeat and asked you questions. He said, "Tell me, are you afraid of needles?" he pulled out a syringe, with a long pointy needle at the top.
  5. He injected it into your upper right arm and the clear liquid slowly flooded into your blood stream. "There." he said with a grin, "I'm done, you can leave now." he then left you alone in the room. A few minutes later, you stood up, staggering, you held the wall for support. You felt really numb when you got out of the office. What had he injected into me? You thought.
  6. You almost got to the door when the same nurse you saw said, "You can't go! The doctor didn't come in the office yet." "What?" "The doctor didn't come in the office. Come on." She led you back the way you came. You didn't want to fight with you, you felt so weak. Minutes later, you came back home. Who was Christian? You thought.
  7. You found a note on the fridge and read, "Your father and I went on a trip for our Anniversary, we will be back in 2 weeks, we left you some money on the table, help yourself to anything you'd like. P.S: Happy 17th birthday! We left a slice of cake on the counter. From: Mom and Dad" The words started to get blurry somehow. Suddenly everything went dark. Abruptly, you fell to the ground.
  8. You wake up on the kitchen floor, you try to remember what happened yesterday, but your eye caught the clock. You were gonna be late for school. You rushed up to your bedroom, and got ready for school.
  9. You did what every other student does at school, pass notes, whisper, gossip, flirt, sleep on your desk and trying to learn. Well actually, that's what I do in school. Haha!
  10. School is done and you walk home, you didn't want to take the long way, so you made a shortcut through the alley. You soon encounter 3 men, standing and staring at you with blank eyes. The one on your right was tall blond, his hair was a buzzcut, pretty muscular, no shirt just baggy dark brown shorts, slightly noticeable facial hair and sharp blue eyes. The one in the middle had a gray cloak, his hoody was on, he looked skinny, but dangerous, and his head was down, but you knew he was staring at you. And the man on your left looked exactly like the doctor who gave you that shot. Except he was wearing skinny jeans, a black leather jacket showing his bare chest, dog tags, a chain necklace and a black and white cap, turned to the side.

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