Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are you?

There are two kinds of beings in this world. There's normal...and then there's mutant! Mutants are special in their own little way. They can jump, they have green skin, and sometimes they hang out with a rat, have shell, and use ninjustu.

In this case, we're talkin turtle here. Yes, there are people with claws in yellow spandex, and people who dress up like nocturnal creature, and even people who turn green when they get angry...but these guys are turtles and there are no other mutants like the TMNT!! Find out which one of the group/team you are!

Created by: zillaman
  1. Are you a natural born leader?
  2. Are you a vigilante, butt-kicking super hero with an anger-problem?
  3. Are you an inventing nerd?
  4. Do you have a good sense of humor?
  5. Do you like high tech gadgets?
  6. Do you like beating up bad guys really bad?
  7. Do you like dual wield swords?
  8. Do you like wooden weapons?
  9. Do you like sports like skateboarding?
  10. Do you like computer hacking?
  11. Does your master send you on training?
  12. Do you get mad at your brothers?
  13. Do you think New York is beautiful?
  14. Would you want to work alone?
  15. Do you like going from roof to roof with another vigilante? *note*he's human.
  16. What's your favorite color?
  17. Are you the most masculine among friends?
  18. Are you calm and disciplined?
  19. finally. Do you hang with a rat?

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Quiz topic: Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle am I?