Mutants - Part Seven

Yeah,'s the Seventh installment of, "Mutants". Sorry it took so long..., but I did say I was gonna make it as soon as I can. And this is "Soon" for me so...yeah....

Sorry it took so long for me to make another Sequel to, "Mutants". This one was cheesy I know. You can put and dick comments on here if you want, cause I would be agreeing with you.

Created by: Wassup9877
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  1. There was a loud knock on the door. It sounded more like somebody smashing it. You heard keys jingle. You asked, "Are they letting us go?" "No, it's something else." Connor replied. "What is it then?" you asked. Connor was about to answer, but then a rough voice said, "I'm the executioner." then the door opened. The executioner walked toward you, it was too dark to see his face. Then everything went black. You're mind whispered one word to you, over and over, "Executioner, executioner, executioner."
  2. You woke up, it was a dark room, only lit with torches. Finally you noticed that you were chained onto a wall. You struggled to get out. Of course it didn't work.
  3. You looked to your right, it was Keith, he looked horrible. His bones looked like they were crushed. He was unconscious, he was moaning and blood was coming out of his mouth. Then you looked to your right, there was Connor also chained and unconscious.
  4. Where's Christian and Alan? You thought. You finally got your answer. There was a loud bang, you saw a cage, with a wolf in it. It was trying to smash itself out. "Alan?" you asked. The wolf stopped, turned to face you, and nodded. Suddenly, in a fluid motion, the wolf turned into a human. It was the most incredible thing you've ever seen.
  5. "Where is Christian?" you asked Alan. "He's over there." Alan replied, he nodded his head to a direction. You looked and expected to see Christian chained up like you. Instead, Christian had chains attached to him to the wall. There was so many of them, you couldn't count.
  6. Something was different about Christian, he had four wings. He had one skeletal wing, one like a bats, one like a eagles and one that was made out of metal. You looked to his face, his hair was different, it was spiky and his eyes were wild. He had his shirt off, and you saw tatoos all over his chest, they were glowing red.
  7. But he was unconscious. You looked back to Alan. A torch flickered, It gave you enough light to see Alan's face and body, it was all scarred. This was the first time you've ever seen all his scars.
  8. You gasped and asked, "What happened to you, Alan?". "That was a long time ago." Alan replied. You waited for him to continue, he did. "I was only 16, I was abandoned when I was younger, I was raised by werewolves. They are a lot like us humans, they can talk and they can learn.
  9. "I was raised by a wolf named, Core. He kept me secret from the other wolves. But it didn't take long for the Alpha leader to find out. He locked me in a cage somewhere underground. But on our way down, there was an accident...I got bit."
  10. His last three words whispered inside your head. I got bit, I got bit, I got bit.
  11. "What happened to Keith then?" you asked. "His dad worked with the CIA. He went on a mission to Russia...and never came back. Keith was only 14, he assumed his dad was dead, he was. A few days later his house was bombed. The CIA found him and rebuilt some of his limbs with machine and they rebuilt some parts of his jaw and face. They left some parts skeletal. He's been through a lot."
  12. "Tell me about Christian's past." you asked. Alan hesitated, then stopped breathing for a second, he exhaled, "It's not my place to say. Christian will tell you when he wants to. All I can tell you right now is that his past is very secret, it's dark, cold, cruel. He doesn't want anybody to know." Alan replied.

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