The Chosen One (Part 4)

Hello welcome to The Chosen One (part 4) Sorry that it took so long cuz we had to turn of our power and stuff like that anyway I hope you enjoy it!

Recap: There was a battle with the deamons and Jason got stabbed by a posion dagger, you rush to his help but do t know what to do what will happen? Find out by reading rhis part!

Created by: Xenia
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  1. The bright light comes out of your chest and spreads over you and Jason like a blanket. You feels your hands get warmer and soon they turn super hot like coals in a grill. The scream comes again , "JASON!!!!" followed by your scream of pain. The light rises and two black wings fold over you.
  2. The light slowly fades back into you, time slows down again and you can hear your heart beat *th-ad th-ad, you feel so exhausted that you fall off Jason and lay next to him. Conner is over you with his black wings slowly flapping in the misty air. "____! Stay with me!" yelled the Proffesor. But your eyes slowly roll over and you pass out.
  3. You wake up on a soft silky bed that seems like its cuddling you up in its soft sheets. Someone noticesthat your awake and gives you a big hug that almost squeezes your guts out.
  4. "Im soo glad that your awake!" said a voice that you knew. You look up and see a gorgeous guy smiling down upon you.
  5. His greenish-brown eyes meet yours and he craddles you in his chest.
  6. He chuckles and kisses you on your head. Apparently Conner hears you and walks into your bedroom with the Proffesor trailing behind and Rick leaning on the doorway. "We're so gald you're awake,____!" Says the Proffesor. "
  7. "Well It appears that you have healing powers.!" says the Proffesor "and also a shield and sonic scream!" "What?" you ask. "Well after you passed out Jason woke up with no trace of blood or even a scar on his chest where the deamon stabbed him. " You look at Jason, who nodds and smiles at you. "The sonic scream sent all the deamons running away, and it was kept repeating once you started healing. And the shield was the bright light that spread over you." You look around the room and everyones smiles at you. Jason squeezes you again but alittle gentle this time. "So does it mean I'm the Mystic too?" "No," says Jason, "It means that you are The Chosen One."
  8. "_____, you should let Jason rest,hes was here the whole time with you. " ok you say as Jason kisses you on your head and leaves the room with everybody else except Conner.
  9. "____, you should get dressed, I have to show you something." Alright you say. Conner winks at you as he leaves. You get out of bed and change into,
  10. As you want out of your room. Conner is smiling his crooked smile at you and is leaning against the wall. His is wearing a white (almost see-through) shirt with its collar up. His black wings outstreached behind him, his hands shoved into his black jeans pockets. "Wow you look beautiful." Conner says in his silky voice.
  11. He walks towards you and takes your hand into his. He leads you down a corridor into another huge master bedroom and goes on the balcony. "So is this like a date?" you ask him, "Kind of." he says with his golden eyes shining at you. Suddenly he grabs you like your a married couple and stands of the rail of the balcony. "You better hang on tight he" tells you before he simple jumps off and starts flying. You get scared that you might fall onto the grass and find your face in his chest. You hear him chuckle. "Dont worry ___, I got you. " You slowly turn your head and see the woods below you as the air blows through your hair which smells fresh of rain. The woods begin to get smaller and smaller until its a little dot and you are almost close to touching the clouds. "Where are we going?" you ask him as his hair also ruffles through the chilly air. "Oh, You'll see." he says sweety. After what seems like seconds of flying he finally sets you down on a monutain leage. He holds you for a while in his arms before he says anything. "I havent begin here in a long time.But im glad to be here with you. " He says as he let goes of you. You look around and see that the mountain has many small trees on it, the air is colder but still nice and it looks like the sun is setting. *Crack* You jump and follow the nosie. "Sorry to scare you like that," said Conner. You look down and see a rock smashed in two. Inside is a blueish and purple ray of colors with a bit of sparkleing crystals in the middle. Conner bends down and takes a small little piece of the gem and pulls out a thin golden chain with a gem holder on it. He carefully insertz the gem into it and stands up. "This is for you."he tells you as he puts the chain around your neck and clicks it on the back. "It has a power of sensing danger. So if you needs us we will come as quickly as we can to you." "Thank you so much!" you tell him. He picks you up and flys to the other side of the mountain to see the beautiful sunset.
  12. The sun turns the sky into pinks,oranges,magentas,purples,and yellows. You lean against Conner who puts his arm over you. He chuckles "Wow you must be nervous, cuz your heart is beating pretty fast." he says teasingly. You put your hand on your heart, wow you think to yourself it is beating pretty fast. He chuckles again "Thats arlight" he says. After a few hours of cuddling and watching the sunset he picks you up again and flys back home.
  13. ONLY READ THIS IF YOU LIKE CONNER!!!!! He puts you down on your own balcony and smiles down upon you. "I had a wonderful time thank you." you tell him. He smiles again "No promblem" he says in his silky smooth voice. His black wings craddle the two of you, and he slowly bends down to kiss you. His lips and soft and smooth moving in sync with yours until he pulls away slowly. "Sorry." he says. "No need to apolizige." you tell him. He smiles his crooked smile and hugs you once more holding you in his warm soft embrace. Until he lets go and says goodnight and leaves you on the balcony.
  14. You walk inside your room and lay on your bed thinking of your afternoon with Conner. You suddenly fall asleep until you hear "Hey look out!"
  15. Srry again for the cliffhangers but its the only interesting way that i can think for ending parts!

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