The Chosen One (part 2)

Hello welcome to The Chosen One (part 2) In this part we find out more about Jason's, Conner's, and Rick's pasts! And why Conner tried to attack you.

Recap: you are in a world with no animals but with dead animals with human souls in them called deamons. You meet 3 hot guys named Conner Jason And Rick. You just found out that Conner is a Death angel and he was about to attck you. What will happen? Who knows find out in part 2!

Created by: Xenia
  1. Conner puts his wings down than sees your face "____ wait ......," his eyes turn red he chuckles again and starts walking slowly towards you. You look into his face " Conner? Stay with me." he groans. " i'm sorry ___." he manages to say. He yells and falls on the floor trying to fight whatever it is thats messing with him." he gets up slowly stares at you with red eyes. " It 's been too long .. " a cold vioce comes out of Conner's mouth that doesnt belong to him. Suddenly Jason, Rick, and the proffesor run into the room. As soon as Jason sees whats going on he runs full speed at Conner causing them to crash through the window, sending a million pieces of glass flying everwhere.
  2. You get out of your bed and look out the broken window that is from the ceiling to the floor. Conner is laying on the grass while Jason is trying to pry something off his leg. You lean a little more over the window and you get dizzy your eyesight changes a bit and you see a small cute grey cat running into the woods that keps flickering like a ghost. "Whoa there ___, you dont want to fall out too."says Rick as he pulls you back in. "What was that?" you ask the proffesor. "That is what happens after a deamon bites you, the poision can control your body if the deamon is still attached to you." "But how did the deamon get inside?" "Well i guess it just followed you guys home after you got bitten, you should go to bed ___, its very late. "
  3. You wake up from the sunlight shining on your face through the broken glass window. "Good morning sleepy head. " You look up and see Jason coming into your room with a box. "Breakfest is goning to be ready in a few, if you want there is clothes in here that you can change into. " He puts the box on the floor next to our bed. "Well see ya. " Jason says when he walks out of the room. You get up a look inside the box......
  4. you put on your outfit and walk downstairs into the dining room ( Which takes awhile to find) "Goodmorning ____. Did you sleep good?" asked the proffesor. "Yes i did thank you" "So ___, you know you should really thank me for saving you from falling out from the window last night. " Rick teasing tells you.
  5. At the corner of your eye Jason starts laughing under his breath. You look towards Conner he's just sitting there playing with his food. After you eat and help clean you the table. You see Conner go through a corridor. You decide to follow him. As you get outside there is a beautiful garden filled with roses and honeysickles, with a small waterfall that fills out into a little pond. Little statues of animals and fairys. Conner sits down on a stone bench. You sit next to him, and look at the garden. "Look __? " he says, you turn to him and hes looking down on the ground. "Im really sorry about last night."
  6. He looks at you with a smile but with hurt in his eyes. "I know you might think that i kill people because im a death angel, but i dont. I was born to protect The Chosen One, but a deamon bit me when i was a little boy which turned my wings black and because of the poision I got angry and angrier each day until i started attacking deamon. So my parents sent me down to earth i was adopted by a nice family in Italy. But when they found out I had black wings they abonded me on the streets.
  7. I lived on the streets in a cardboard box every day bwgging for money. But there would be kids that bullied me in the street alleys. I couldnt stand up to them because if i did i would be banished from italy so i refused to fight them and let them beat me up. Until one day i got really angry at them and pulled my shirt off and flew away, the boys ran back home and told their parents who called the police. The police found me and ordered me to come down from the sky. I refused to, so i kept flying. The police started shooting at me,
  8. So they fired at me and hit my wing which made it harder to fly. Also their bullets where metal ones not crystal or gold, so I was lucky. The metal ones do hurt but they cant kill you. I crashed through a window and landed in an aptartment which was on fire, there was a baby crying in the burning room so i grabed it and flew out of the burning building. I return the baby to its mother who thanked me. Unfortanatly the police didnt see my rescue so they started chasing me. I hid in the alley which they ran pass. ........You look up at him, he starts shaking, " Conner?" He looks up at you with sorrow in his eyes but hes still smiling. "So a man walks up to me and asks me if i want a home. I say yes and he wraps me up in a blanket to hide my wings and take me with him to his house. " "The Proffesor?" you ask. "That's right, he took me because he also has powers." There was a slience "Thanks for listening." he says in his soft silky voice. "I better bring you in, the guys are probably wondering where we are" Conner helps you up and kisses you on your head.
  9. You walk back to the living room where Jason and Rick are watching TV. "Can I see you for a minute Conner oh and you too Rick?"asked the proffesor "Sure" they both say. On the way out, Rick starts singing "Conner and ___, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-" you cut him off by,
  10. Jason starts laughning under this breath again. "Sorry about Rick, he used to babysit his elf brothers an sisters." "So hes the annoying elf?" you ask Jason. "Thats right." "Can i ask you a personally question?" "No promblem." "Well remeber the day when we first met? Why did you run away like that?" you ask him as you sit down next to him on the sofa. "Well as you probably heard I am just getting my memory back. The thing is, is when I first saw you my memories of my girlfriend or rather fiance, came rushing back to me like a stampede. She look almost just like you but her hair was Blonde and her eyes where a turqouise color." He tells you, "What happened to her?" you ask him. "Well she was one of The Chosen Ones, but she was marked by a small pale cresent next to her bellybutton. One day when I went into town to buy some food, she got attacked by deamons, although she could see them she didnt have powers to fight them off. So w-when I got home.....s-she wasss laying on the floor with bite marks everywhere....I dropped the bags and ran to her..... s-she ...........she was dead. I saw her soul rises out of her body and she smiled at me and dissapered." He started sobbing,
  11. He look back up at you "thank you" he says. You nod and kiss him on the cheek. He smiles at you "Know it feels like you might be-" "I'm sorry to interupt but he have serious promblems!" says the proffesor as he says the the doorway.
  12. Thats it for part 2 I hope you come back for part 3!

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