the chosen part seven

Okay, here is the seventh part in the series, I hopeyou likethis one as much as you liked the others. I read the comments you left and I thought you guys are nice. So thank you.

Okay, you have been through the Eclipse, almost been killed, and your only hope of help left you! Great life you have right? Well, here's abit of Seth's and Michael's past coming back.

Created by: Dayna

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  1. You open your eyes to see the one person you didn't expect. Michael. He is standing over you smiling, he's back! You hug him and say "I've missed you! Why did you leave me over the eclipse?"
  2. "I couldn't see you in so much pain. And I needed to see someone, they live further away than I thought..." He replies. "Who did you see?" You ask him. He looks down at you, and pulls away from your hug. "It doesn't matter ______."
  3. Michael drops his bag, and you notice it's really early. You and Michael go downstairs and sit at the dining table when you hear quick footsteps down the stais. "_______!" You hear Blake call. He just looked into your room and thought you ran off. He sees you with Michael.
  4. "Michael?" Blake askes, "I thought you'd be there longer. It being..." Michael looks at him as if he was trying to burn him. Blake sits down as if he never said anything.
  5. Michael sighs and says, "I went to see Theresa, she is also a highly skilled Pshycic, and Seth's sister. I had to see her on Tuesday because it was...her birthday."
  6. "SETH'S sister?" You ask. "Yeah, why?" Michael asks. "Seth Tried to kill me and he said it was for his sister to get the title of 'The Chosen'!!!" You scream. Michael stands up, Blake follows him and So do you.
  7. Alex gets up as Michael storms up. "_____, what's going on?" He asks andyou shrug your shoulders. Michael walks into Seth's room and pins him up against the wall. "You try it again, and You are dead, you hear me?" Seth shots you a dirty look and nods.
  8. Michael drops Seth to the floor and he lands with a thud. Michael casually walks out. Blake follows him and Alex follows you...EVERYWHERE!
  9. You stay in your room for a while, well It's Michaels room but still. Alex stays with you, and by 8 am he finally goes. You get dressed. What do you where?
  10. You go downstairs, and see Seth and Michael Arguing again. The arguement turns into a HUGE punch-up! Michael ends up unconscius on the floor, Blake is throwing plates and cutlary at Seth, Alex legged it, Seth is trying to kill you...AGAIN! You are on the table and bleeding badly.
  11. You black out. You wake up a few days later, Hearing Michael's phone conversation. "Theresa, I told you before IT'S OVER! I won't let you kill ____! No way, not you or your god damn brother!"

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