Somehow They're Alive (part 7)

Welcome to part 8 of "Somehow They're Alive". This took a little longer to make than I expected. Hopefully it was worth the wait. Also, I've decided...

to add some romance in this part. I thought that I'd take a short break from all the drama. Don't worry though. Knowing me, it won't be too long of a break. :)

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View~ Tom and Rosie's house*** We're all sitting in the car waiting patiently for Ryan to knock or ring the door bell."This is strange," says Audrey from the back seat. "This looks exactly like the Tom and Rosie's house that I used to visit. Unless Tom and Rosie have been cloned they've gotta be the same people." I ignore what she says and concentrate on Ryan. He knocks on the door. A plump older looking woman wearing jeans and a plaid shirt answers the door. The car windows are rolled down, so I can hear just fine. "Ryan, what a pleasant surprise!" she looks around. "Where are your mother and sister?" "They're.....somewhere......other I'm sorry to barge in on you Rosie, but my friends and I are in a situation." "Oh, of course. Come in, and you can explain to Tom and me." She looks at us. "Invite your friends in too." Surprised at her hospitality, we get out of the car and follow Ryan inside. The inside of the house is a completely different time genre than the outside. It looks like the house of a mountain man in 1300AD. She leads us through a small breezeway with a dear hide rug, and into a medieval living room. The furniture is made out of polished wood with fancy carvings. To make them more comfortable seat cushions and animal furs were added. All of the furniture is arranged in front of a stone fireplace. The thing that really gives off the medieval huntsman feel would be the weapons and animal furs hung up on the walls and above the fireplace. "Take a seat, and make yourselves comfortable. I'll go get my husband." As she's walking out of the room Tammy whispers, "Get her husband from where? The dungeon?" Rayla flicks Tammy in the back of the head. "Tammy, be nice."
  2. It only takes a minute for Rosie to return to the strange room with her husband in tow. Tom is wearing overalls and a plaid shirt similar to Rosie's. Unlike Rosie, Tom is a short and scrawny older man who is balding. The hair he has left is starting to gray. He sits down in a chair across from us and lights a cigar. "Ryan, it's nice to see you. I see that you have a lot of friends. So where are your ma and sister?" Twiddling his thumbs, he replies, "That really isn't important." Tom cackles. "I agree with you there. The women in your family are a pain in my rear. No offense." Rosie sighs. "Ryan, I know that you'd never come here with your group of friends just to introduce them to us. Tell Tom and me what's going on." Ryan sighs. "Alright, if you must know, mom is in prison for life along with a man named Akmal. Sapphire and her boyfriend were in prison too, but they escaped. Now they're chasing us and trying to kill us. They already stole our car and kidnapped Audrey's parents." Rosie says, "Ah. I had a hunch that your mother was up to no good. I can't believe she dragged Sapphire into it with her." "What did she go to prison for?" asks Tom. "Kidnapping people and selling them as slaves into the Middle East. Three of my friends were actually people my mom kidnapped. I helped them escape slavery last summer, and we got my mom and her helpers caught." "Wow. Really?" they ask. "Yes, but I don't have time to get into the details. The reason we're over here has nothing to do with last summer. My friends and I are here on a mission." "What mission? What are you talking about?" The five of us go into the story of Sapphire and Landon's escape, and the diary, and my secret sister. After explaining how everything's connected they finally start to understand.
  3. Ryan concludes, "So now it's a race against the clock. We have to find Jaslina's dad and sister along with Audrey's parents before it's too late. The reason we decided to start here is because we need to know where mom always went after she dropped me and Sapphire here." "We have a hunch that she was going to see my dad and sister," I say. "So do you know where it was that she used to go?" pleads Audrey. Tom drops his cigar into the ash tray and props up his feet on the coffee table. "I never paid much attention to where the woman used to go. I always assumed that she had a man friend that she was visiting, but after hearing your story maybe not." Rosie stands up and starts pacing. "I was never completely certain of where she was going either. The most information that I could ever gather was that she loved mountains." Tom stands up too. "Now that you mention it, I did find something interesting in her car once. It isn't in my possession, but I remember what it looked like well." "Don't hold out on us. What was it, Tom?" snaps Rosie. "Rosie, can't I at least tell how I happened to come across it?" Sounding irritated, "Fine. Spit it out."
  4. "Okay. So it was about two years ago during your last visit. My pick'em up truck was getting dirty, so I went out to wash it. I scrubbed it down and cleaned it up. It looked good as new once I was finished with it. Anyways, I was walking past your mom's car and noticed that it looked dirty and grimy on both the inside and out. I remember that we'd gotten into an argument the day before, so I thought that I'd play the Good Samaritan and clean it up. "I'd just finished the outside and was starting on the inside. There were stacks of useless papers and dozens of fast food wrappers, so I started by removing the clutter. As I was digging through stuff I ran across something strange. It was a set of four papers stapled together. It looked like a detailed map of some mountain not too far from here. In the details was what looked like tunnels. "It wasn't two or three tunnels either. I'll say it was a whole labyrinth. Most of them tunnels looked like they led to dead ends. Only three or four of them looked like they actually led somewhere. Plus there was something written in each of them tunnels that wasn't a dead end. A two-digit number followed by a letter; must've been a code of some type. The only thing written on that map that wasn't a number was something written in what looked like a box drawn at the end of a tunnel." "If it wasn't a number then what was it?" I ask. "It was two capital letters. Kind of like initials." "Can you remember what they were?" asks Jay. "Yes. By the way I remember the letters were C.R." "C.R. Those are my dad's initials," I say more to myself than the group. Ryan stands up hearing what I just said. "That's great! We finally have a lead!" Tom walks out of the room, and says, "I need to go get something from the basement. I copied something down off of that map that was very important."
  5. ***"You wrote down the coordinates? Tom, you're a life saver!" "Thank you for saying so. That map looked mighty mysterious, so I wrote down the coordinates that she wrote on it. I didn't think they'd come in handy at the time, but I was horribly wrong." "So what now?" asks Tammy, "Do we just go to this mountain and see what we can find?" "I guess so," says Ryan. "What else can we do?" "I'm just glad that we're a step closer to finding my dad and sister." "What about my parents? Do you think that they're hidden in the same place?" asks Audrey. "Maybe they are or maybe they're not. It's hard to tell at this point." Tom flees from the room in search of his laptop. He said that he's going to Google those coordinates and find out whatever he can about the mountain. I'm glad that Tom and Rosie are willing to help. At first I thought that they'd probably be reluctant to help us in any way. For once I'm glad that I was wrong about something. Jay, Audrey, Tammy and Rayla stay in the living room to chat with Rosie. Wanting a moment to talk, Ryan and I walk through the kitchen and to the dining room. It looks like being here has taken a load off of his shoulders. Sure there's still that matter of finding dad, Josephine and Audrey's parents, but now we know where to start looking. Now if we can just avoid Sapphire and Landon we'll be good to go. Ryan says, "I'm so glad that we finally have a lead! At last we can stop running in circles and start somewhere."
  6. I smile. "I know what you mean. It's about time that we run into some good luck." "Hey, don't jinx it. With Sapphire and Landon on the loose our good luck might be short lived." "Ryan, they just kidnapped two adults. They're probably busy keeping them and themselves hidden. We should just enjoy the few days of peace we'll have before they start in on us again." Right after I say that Ryan gets a cheerful yet thinking look on his face. "You're right. They probably won't try to kill us for a few more days yet, so we're safe right now. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "We should use these next few days to write out our wills in case things go horribly wrong? I'm pretty sure that's what you'd be thinking." He laughs. "No. I'm actually thinking of something quite the opposite. You remember what I said back in Belfast?" It takes me a minute to understand before it comes to me. "Oh, you're talking about our date!" "You guessed it. So what do you say?" For a moment I don't say anything. "I don't know, Ryan. Don't you think that we should start our search right away? Audrey probably wants her parents back." "I figure as long as we have our date tonight that it shouldn't interfere with our schedule. Knowing Rosie, she would've wanted us all to spend the night here anyway." I laugh. "You've got it all figured out don't you?" He laughs too. "Don't judge me. It's what I do." We go to the living room hand in hand in search of Rosie.
  7. ***Ryan's Point of View*** "This suit is very classy. Especially for Tom," says Jay. Rosie agreed to let me have my date with Jaslina. What am I saying?! She more than agreed. The woman was so happy for me, that she let us have our date at half price. At first it was going to be for free, but Tom grumbled about it and changed her mind. In order to make up for the price change she let us borrow some clothes that she has in storage in the basement for our date. I was unenthusiastic about it, but then discovered that the clothes are in wonderful condition. "You really think that she will like this shirt on me?" "No. I KNOW she will like the shirt on you." I laugh and shake my head. "What makes you so sure? Are you some sort of dating expert?" "No, but she has the look of a woman in love. I know that look; that's the look girls give me." "Sure, Jay. All of the Irish ladies were swooning over you when they saw you throwing up hamburgers in the parking lot yesterday." "Hey, don't judge me. I bet that Tammy, Rayla, and Audrey found it attractive." I look into the mirror on the dresser to make sure that my tie is straight. I hate to sound arrogant, but I do look fantastic. My black dress pants, dark red dress shirt, and black tie make me look perfectly classy.
  8. I'm about to walk out of the room but Jay stops me. "What are you stopping me for? I have a date!" "I know, but you can't go out looking like that." Now I'm confused. "I thought that you said Jaslina would like my clothes." "It's not your clothes I'm talking about, it's your hair." Observing myself in the mirror, I reply, "What are you talking about? My hair always looks like this." "Exactly. If you want to impress your lady, then it's time to change it up." "Jay, if you touch my hair, you die. Now let me out." He moves aside to let me through the door. "Alright, but don't complain to me when she comments on it." I walk out the door and down the stairs. The first thing I notice once I get to the living room is Jaslina. She started getting ready a lot sooner than me, so that explains why I don't have to wait for her. Out of Rosie's numerous dresses, she decided to wear a sparkly, knee-length, black and lime green dress. In addition to the gown is a necklace with artifical diamonds. Pulling her evening look together are her long, golden curls, and perfect make up. Now that I think about it, maybe I should've combed my hair differently. Oh well, it's too late now. Feeling content I walk out the door with my beautiful girlfriend holding onto my arm. Right now I couldn't feel happier.
  9. ***Tom and Rosie's House*** Tammy and Audrey are laying on oppisite ends of the couch chatting away about Ryan and Jaslina's date. Jay is sitting in front of the fire place listening to them. "Do you think it's going well?" asks Audrey. "It'd better be. We didn't spend all that time on her hair for nothing!" "It probably is going well. They looked truely happy on their way out the door." After a slight pause Audrey laughs. "The minute we get my parents back I need to find myself a boyfriend. Perhaps he'd be willing to look at me the way Ryan looks at Jaslina." "You notice it too?" "Yes. You'd have to be blind to not notice it. They're truely in love." Jay sighs. They've been talking like this for a half hour. About fifteen minutes ago Rayla walked out. Feeling very bored, Jay stands up and walks out as well. It's a good thing, too. He doesn't thinkt that he could've taken much more girl talk. Rayla is much more fun to talk to. The thought of Rayla brings a smile to his face. There's so much to love about her. Her beautiful brown hair, her long, dark eye lashes, the sparkle in her eyes whenever he says something funny-suddenly he spots her. Rayla sits on the back porch staring at the crescent moon twiddling her thumbs. Should he go out and talk to her? Yes, decides Jay.
  10. Swiftly and silently, Jay opens the slider door. At first he doesn't want to interrupt Rayla. She looks like the picture of beauty. Eventually he moves to sit down next to her. 'Be cool,' says Jay to himself. 'Don't make yourself look like and idiot!' "Hey, Rayla," he says. She turns to face him. "Hi, Jay. I didn't hear you come out here." "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." "It's okay. So what brings you here on this lovely evening?" "Nothing really. I just thought that you looked lonely and wanted somebody to talk to." "Oh, well that's sweet of you." One thing he notices now that he didn't before is that she's holding onto and mp3 player. "What song were you listening to?" "Huh?" she looks down into her lap as if just realizing that she's holding onto it. "Oh, this. I wasn't even listening to it. I brought it out here in case I got tierd of the silence." "Well, what songs do you have on it?" "A lot. It'd be impossible to name them all. You can look through them." She leans closer to him as she's scrolling throught them. A certain song catches his eye. "You like 'God Gave Me You?'" "That song? I hardley listen to it. I only had it on here to practice my dancing for one of the dances at my school." "That's smart. I wish I would've thought of practicing. Maybe the slow dance would've gone better." "What happened?" "Disaster. I accidentally tripped and fell head-first into the punch bowl." Rayla looks as if she's trying not to laugh. "Really?" "Yes. The picture was in the yearbook." Suddenly he realizes what he just said. "Oh. I've said too much." While giggling she manages to comfort him. "It's okay. At least you didn't break somebody's foot." "You broke somebody's foot?" "Yup. I stepped on his foot way to hard with my high heel. He came to school the next day with his foot in a cast." Now they're both laughing. "I guess we both have some bad luck. Either that or we need more practice." Just then it comes to him. "Hey, do you think that you can play that song so we can both hear it?" "God Gave Me You?" "Yup." "Why?" "Like you said, we both need some more practice. I can't think of a better time to practice than now." Hesitantly she says, "Okay." "Oh, you don't have to if you don't want to. It was only a friendly suggestion." "Actually, I really do want to. It sounds like fun." She plays the song.They dance in eachother's arms under the glowing light of the stars and the crescent moon. For once Jay and Rayla feel completely relaxed. Hopefully Tammy and Audrey don't come looking for them and destroy the moment.

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