Somehow I'm Alive~ Finale

This is the end of Somehow I'm Alive. I think that you will all be satisfied. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the sequel. It's called Somehow They're Alive.

I need a couple weeks to work on Somehow They're Alive. I can't put it on the internet without perfecting it first. Also, I decided that Ryan could use a dude friend, so I added another character named Jay.

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I don't know what to do. All I know is that I need to protect Jaslina and the others. I don't care if I get myself killed as long as it gives Jaslina, Tammy, and Rayla some time to get away. I'm about to pounce on Sapphire, but something stops me. It's a sound. A sound that isn't even close to gun fire. I never thought I'd say this about this specific sound, but it's the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
  2. Just as Sapphire is about to pull the trigger I hear a loud noise in the background and sand starts flying everywhere as in a whirl wind. She backs away from me and drops her gun out of shock. It's a helicopter! Praise the Lord! A loud voice comes over the intercom, "Attention White-dressed Woman and henchmen, this is the FBI! You are under arrest! Drop your guns and stay where you are! We're coming in for a landing. Don't worry, Jaslina Rowe! We're here to rescue you!" All four of them drop their guns and tremble with fear as we all hug each other to death. This is clearly an act of God. To think, they found us in the nick of time. As the helicopter lands several FBI agents rush out of the helicopter and handcuff them on the spot. Staring at Ryan's mother in a pleased sort of manner, the FBI captain says, "So you are the White-dressed Woman. All these years and we've finally found you. Now tell me, what is your real name, and what are the names of your henchmen?" "I won't tell you that! I'll never sell them out!" She wrinkles her nose in disgust. "Fine. We don't need you to find out this information. We'll just ask all of the people you kidnapped. It doesn't make a difference. Either way you and your helpers here are going to go to prison for a long time, ma'am." Now there are cop cars both American and Iraqi surrounding this area. They throw the White-dressed Woman into a cop car and it drives off. The FBI captain comes to us and says, "None of you have to worry about her or her henchman anymore. They're being transported back to America and being locked in the most high security prison in the country. I was wondering if any of you could give us some answers as to what all of their names are."
  3. Ryan steps forward his head down. "I can, chief. But first I should confess that I am the White-dressed Woman's son. I was involved in a lot of the kidnappings. It wasn't until recently that I made it right." I don't understand why Ryan just confessed all that on the spot. If anything, I guess it proves he's noble. "So you're the one who was said to have been seen with the White-dressed Woman during a lot of her kidnappings?" "Yes. It was me." "Okay, that answers one question. But, another question is, who was that girl that was always with you and your mother during kidnappings?" "That was my twin sister. Her name is Sapphire Caroga, and my mother's name is Gina Caroga. I'm Ryan Caroga." "This is interesting. A family of kidnapers? Very rare, indeed. So you said that you just made it right recently. What do you mean by that?" Stepping up behind Ryan, I say politely, "I'd be glad to explain that part of the story if you and Ryan don't mind." Arching his eyebrows, he says, "Okay, Ms. Rowe, explain."
  4. ***Attention, passengers, this is your captain speaking. We will be arriving in Los Angeles in one hour." All of us are on a plane to California. We are accompanied by my mom and Lily. After telling the FBI captain the entire story from start to finish, he believed us about Ryan. His only punishments for being involved with the kidnappings are community service and a small fine. And yesterday Ryan took them to the spot of the underground elevator and took them straight to the Akmal plantation. Now all of the others have been set free and are being re-united with their families as we speak. Since Akmal went to jail, there is no way for his wife and children to be provided for. So they've decided to come to America and start a new life. They've decided to make their new home in Dearborn, Michigan. I do hope that they'll be happy there. I'm glad to be re-united with my mom and Lily. I've never seen either of them this happy in my life! Me, I'm probably happier than they are. We were hugging for so long I thought we would miss our flight. After introducing her to Tammy and Rayla, she gave them hugs too. They gladly welcomed her embrace. When we told her about Ryan and everything he did to help us, my mom instantly forgave him. As for Lily, she was so shocked that he was involved with this. I thought that her mouth would never close from the shock.
  5. "Thank- you so much for helping my daughter and her friends, young man. I can't thank you enough," exclaims my mom squeezing his hands with gratitude. "It was no problem, Mrs. Rowe," says Ryan joyfully. "What are me and Rayla gonna do?" asks Tammy. "We don't know where our families are." "Yeah, and what about Ryan?" asks Rayla. "If it's okay with Ryan, Lilia's aunt will take him." "Yes," says Lily, "my Aunt Marianne heard about him and would be glad to take him in. Her house isn't huge, but her heart is." I'm happy to hear these words. Lily's aunt lives right up the street from us. He can visit any time he wants. Plus, he'll never have to be mistreated by his insane and cruel family again. "And us?" asks Tammy impatiently. "You two can stay with us until arrangements are made," says my mother. "There's plenty of space. This way each of you can have your own room." "Really!" we exclaim in unison.
  6. "Yes, absolutely. After all that you've been through together I thought you'd like to be able to see each other. Of course, it won't be permanent. Your parents will probably want you back." "I hope so," says Rayla. "I'd love to see my mom and dad again." "Yeah," says Tammy, "and my dad and sisters." "You guys really miss your families, don't you?" asks my mother. "Yes. A lot," says Rayla, "It's been six years since I've seen my family and it's been eight for Tammy." Clearing her throat, Lily says, "I can't believe that the same people kidnapped all of you. And I especially can't believe Ryan used to be one of them." "I can't believe it either," says Ryan. "I guess that's why I came to Christ." "This will be a good witnessing tool for you to use," I say. "It's not too many people that have a testimony such as yours."
  7. "I know that. Now only if my mom and sister would come to Christ." "It's possible," I say. "After all, anyone can change no matter their past." For the first time ever I actually believe that. "Yeah. On top of that, maybe their time in prison will do them good. Being locked up for the rest of their lives will give them a long time to consider it." There's an edge to Ryan's voice. I want to hug him but I don't. Not with everyone else around. Over the intercom the captain says. "Attention passengers please take your seats and strap yourselves in. We'll be landing here shortly." We strap ourselves in and barrel down the runway. It feels good to be out of the Middle East. When I get home the first thing I'm doing is taking a shower. Then I'll stuff my face, and after that take a nap to recover from all of the nights I spent staying awake out of fear. I'm so glad that the most traumatic two and a-half months of my life are finally over. And now, thanks to that I've made three new friends. And one of those friends I would like to be more than friends with.
  8. ***Two Days Before School Starts~ Jaslia's Point of View***School starts in two days. Mom and I have just finished back to school shopping. After tomorrow Tammy and Rayla will be with their families again. This is their last night here. However, I've spent all day spending time with them and Lily. Lily is very taken with them by the way. Now I just don't have one best friend, but three. Hopefully we can maintain it with the distance. Rayla lives in Maine and Tammy lives in Florida. Now Lily just went home and Tammy and Rayla are inside watching American Idol. I've spent all day with them, so now I've decided to stay out here and draw a while. It's a beautiful evening and I don't want it wasted. I'm on the steps to my front porch drawing animals. It's one of my many hobbies. "Ah, an artist at work." I look up and see Ryan walking down the driveway. He's been very happy lately. Sure his mom and sister are in prison for life and his popularity has plummeted with his friends, but he's still happier than anyone's ever seen him. The only reason his "friends" ditched him is because they don't like the new Christian Ryan. But, strangely, he's fine with that. "Oh hey, Ryan. What's up?" I sit up and move over. "Not much. I just thought I'd drop by. Where are Tammy and Rayla?" He takes a seat next to me. "They're inside watching Idol." "That figures," he says, "Is it okay if I hang out here with you?" "Sure," "Whatcha drawing?" "A giraffe," I say handing him my sketch pad.
  9. He observes it and then flips through the other pages, as his caramel brown eye's flicker with interest. "These are very good. You should try and get these put in children's books. I'm sure they'd accept an offer from Jaslina Rowe." He has a point. My name, along with Tammy's Rayla's and Ryan's, has been all over the news. I don't think that people will get sick of us for a long while. We stand up and walk around to the back yard. We're just walking and talking. In my backyard there's a huge, grassy, hill. At the bottom of it there's a brook. "Wanna walk down there and talk?" I ask. "Sure." I begin walking down. After he doesn't come I look back at him. With a smile he says, "Walk if you may, but I know a better and much more fun way to get down there." Stepping back he runs, jumps and then rolls all the way down. Luckily there's a gate blocking it off so he doesn't fall in. "That was fun. I'm going again." He runs back up and rolls down again. After I'm done laughing I shrug and roll down myself. For thirty minutes we keep up a pattern of running up and rolling down. I just hope that Tammy and Rayla aren't watching this! I stop and sit at the bottom of the hill, and Ryan comes down to join me. Laughing, I say, "That was fun. I forgot that this hill was even here until now." "I haven't rolled down a hill since I've been a little kid," he says laughing in tune with me.
  10. We open the gate blocking off the brook and go sit down there. It's dark out now, but the moon is full. Looking at the brook, I notice the pebbles at the bottom and the moon reflecting off the water. The water is really clear. I forgot how pretty the brook is along with the fact that I forgot about the hill. Throwing my flip flops several yards behind me, I sink my feet into the cool, refreshing water. Ryan reaches in and grabs a handful of pebbles and throws them back one by one. "Jassie! Ryan! Hurry or you'll miss the end of Idol!" shouts Tammy. "How'd she know I was here?" Ryan asks. "It's a mystery." I say with a smile. We laugh and stand up. I grab my flip flops and start running up the hill. "Wait for me!" yells Ryan jokingly. Once he catches up neither of us moves. We just stare at each other. Placing my arms around his neck, he places his around my waist. Then, right here and right now, we have a fairy tale kiss. To think, one of the best moments of my life happens in only seven seconds. "Juliette and Romeo get your butts up here!" yells Tammy and Rayla in unison. "Come on let's get up there before they gather their mob." I say. "Right beside you." His dark eyes twinkle. Hand in hand, we run up the hill. No other summer could possibly compare to this one. I got kidnapped, was enslaved and almost was killed. However, despite all of that, this was the best summer of my life. Why, do you ask? Because there is no mistake that God has been with me every step of the way. Despite everything that has happened, somehow I'm alive.

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