When Winter Comes (Finale)

READ BOTH OF THESE PARAGRAPHS PLEASE!!! Well, This is it. I can't believe its over. You wil finally choose the man of your dreams. Have fun. And write a comment ok? And rate, give me a ten or something..

Now that it is over I feel kind of sad. It has been such fun, writing this series. But who knows, every door closed, there is another to be opened. Hope you enjoyed, When Winter Comes

Created by: Kirsteen111
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  1. You step outside into the frigid air again. It is almost time to go home. It is the middle of Winter now and you are so happy
  2. You look up into the sky, like you did two weeks ago. Has it really been that long since the proposels?
  3. You see the snow start falling like never before. It is cold but wonderful at the same time. It really helps you think when you go outside.
  4. It actually has helped you make the final decision on who you will say yes to.
  5. You walk back into the hotel to your room. Everything you have brought with you is neatly packed into suitcases.
  6. You huff out air. You look out your windo to see the guys outside throwing snowballs at each other. You think its now or never and decide to go back outside to reveal the news.
  7. You walk out there but before you say anything the guys tell you something, :We have all decided to go back inside, that way it will be easier for you to just come to one of our rooms. Ya know one on one." You think its a good idea so you say yes.
  8. Since you already know who's room your going to you don't take long. You think, "It's been quite awhile. So many good times. And a few bad ones. Now, its finally over.." You walk up to the elevator and click the floor he is on
  9. "It has taken a while for me to know but right now, it feels like i have known all along. Who I love.. Who I want to be with for the rest of my life." You walk down the hallway.
  10. You think to the future, "All the adventers I have had so far. I wonder,.. with my new husband. What new adventers will await us the next time, When Winter Comes.." You open his door
  11. Whose door did you open? Who do you love?

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