which guy will you fall in love with finale

Okay, it's the final quiz! You have four hotties fighting for your love. There's Adam, the cute, shy, nerdy one. Josh, the adorable, funny, talkative one. Seth, the hot, athletic, sweet one. And Alex, the geeky, nice, awesome one.

Sorry I haven't been making these for a really long time! Well, he's the finale. We left off kissing Adam in his room, oh la la! Ready to see which guy you will fall in love with?

Created by: rebekahgilman
  1. Okay, so let's recap. You and Adam are making up on his bed, things are getting pretty serious. You two are making out like there's no tommorow when who walks in but Alex. He sees you two and says he has to tell you something thats very urgent. You give Adam one more kiss and leave to see what's up with Alex. He leads you down the hall into a room you've never seen before. It's made of glass and has a jacuzzi in it. Alex holds up a bikini, it's red, white, and blue. "Just wanted to show you this room," he winks, "The jacuzzi is new, let's test it out" That's when you realize Alex is wearing swimming trunks... lol.
  2. While you go to the nearest room you can find. It's dark so you don't bother to turn the light on. You start changing into your bikini, you finish getting the bikini on when the lights turn on. You realize you're in Josh's room. You jump, and Josh laughs. "Sorry to scare you" he says, "but, why are you wearing a bikini in my room?" He gets out of his bed (obvisoly he was sleeping) "But I don't mind it" He starts kissing you, and you kiss him back. You have your fingers running through his hair, and his are on your hips. You have no idea how long you were kissing when Alex walks in.
  3. You blush and tell Josh you'll see him later. You follow Alex and he says, "Darn it, can't I get any time alone with you?" you grab his arm and lead him into the jacuzzi room, "How about now?" You two hop into the jacuzzi and talk for hours. He makes you laugh and tells you all sorts of stories. You probably shouldn't be in here that long, but you are anyway. You two start kissing until the sun starts to come up. You get out of the jacuzzi and your fingers and toes look like prunes. You grab your towel, give him one last kiss, then head off to your bedroom to change.
  4. You change into your pajamas, even though it's six in the morning and go to sleep. You're really tired. At around noon, Seth comes in and brings you brunch. You wake up and smile. He made you pancakes shaped like hearts with chocolate chips in them. It also has those candy hearts, the ones that say "I luv u" or "B mine" you have a candy heart, and give him one. You eat breakfast and Seth gives you a foot rub.
  5. You finish eating your brunch and Seth gives you a kiss. "Let's go hang by the pool today" You smile. You pick out a cute monkini that's green and with white dots. You pull your hair into a cute bun, paint your nails hot pink, toenails green, find your favorite shades, and slip on your cutest flip flops. You walk to the pool and Seth can't help but stare, you look pretty good. "You dropped something... my jaw!" He gives you a kiss.
  6. You gracefully dive in, and Seth does a cannonball. You two sit on the steps and talk for awhile, then he leans over and kisses your neck. He slowly makes his way up to your lips, where you passoinately kiss on the pool steps.
  7. You two are kissing when you hear "The Duck Song" start to play. You look up and their Josh and Adam are with iPod speakers, and Josh is dancing. You start laughing, Josh walks up to Seth, "Hey... got any grapes?" Adam about loses it laughing so hard he's crying! Seth doesn't think this is to amusing since they ruined your alone time.
  8. So the three of you are swimming, when it starts raining. You all run back into the house. You are about to go to your room when Adam grabs your hand. "Haven't had any alone time with you for awhile" he winks, "Why don't you change and come to my room for a little bit?" You smile and reply, "Okkaayy, see you in a few" You go into your room, change into a cute outfit, regloss and pop a mint.
  9. You walk into Adam's room, he's reading a book and he smiles as you walk in. "We were interuppted the other day..." He kisses you, "Hopefully no more interuptions... especially not from Gavin." He pulls out a note. You look at the note, "Is this from Gavin?" Adam nods. It reads... Well boys, fine you can have __________, I met someone new, BETTER and her name is Jessica (note: if you're name is Jessica, I apologize, pretend it says a different name) -Gavin. You look up at Adam and smile. "Yup, he's gone" Adam says
  10. You sit down on Adam's bed and he sits beside you. "_________, tonight you're going to pick who you want to continue seeing." You nod. All the guys are amazing, you can't chose one. "Well, maybe this will help you make up your mind." He leans in a starts to kiss you. You really like kissing him, he's an amazing kisser.
  11. Adam slowly pulls away. "You should probably go think about who you're going to pick" he gives you another kiss, and winks, "At five we'll all be downstairs waiting to see who you pick" You leave and go to your room. This is it, you're big decision.
  12. It's five o clock, you walk downstairs and see all four of the guys. This is it, who do you pick?

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