Love at Ms peregrine's home for peculiar children Pt5

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The finale3 Bachelors who do you choose. You didn't save everyone but can you save your self and them? Findout in Love at Ms Peregrines home for peculiar children PT5 The finale

It's the finale, finae, the end It's the finale, final, the endI'm going to miss the series are you? Love you guys but I will make more quizzes! I promise!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. He turned the machine on and you sceamed as Electricity shocked you. He didn't stop. The boys couldn't help they couldn't look you in the eye.
  4. He finally stopped and dropped you on the floor. You gasped for air. The boys broke free and ran over to me. "I am now powerful, You will all die." You tried to fly and sing but you couldn't. Hollowgasts surrounded the boys. "But first you must watch them die?" You cried as Millard and Enoch started to fly, but when Jacob was picked up you had had enough.
  5. Your wings felt a buzz as every teardrop from the boys hit the rough dirt. You flew.
  6. "But how?"the main wight cried. You shrugged in his response. yOU SUNG. yOU SUNG ABOUT THE WIGHTS LOSING POWER, You sung about the hollows killing themselves and they obeyed.
  7. You flew down to the boys who were hugging eachother. When they saw you they hugged you. You laughed. "Guys I'm choking here!" They let go
  8. Jacob didn't let go. He imbraced you in a kiss and you melted in it. You could feel the others staring eyes burning through you but you kept on going then stopped. "We should go back," Millard said you nodded and followed them through the safety of the remaining loops. To home
  9. Hi guys thats the end of the series.
  10. But don't worry I'm making an Harry Potter series. Called Love at hogwarts
  11. I'm doing this because I have been inspired by fred4ever and natuhleegayle!
  12. Quick question who do you prefer
  13. Bye

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