When Winter Comes 11

Wow, has the time gone or what?? The three guys are still left. Who will you choose to love? You have a date with Derek this episode. Will you love him after this.

Will you fall for someone else? I hope this quiz isn't getting boring. I tried to incorperate so much action before, it might seem a little slow paced but it get's exciteing, as you choose who you love. But will you? You have to decide.. When Winter Comes

Created by: Kirsteen111
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  1. Wow... It's been a whole week. Why does time go by sooo fast?? You really want to stay on vacation the rest of your life!! But as we all know, you can't stay here forever. Any way, today is your date with Derek. You'll finally get to talk to him privatley for a while.
  2. He comes by your room, early as usual. "Hey, -----. I'm sorry i am so early. I just like the mornings. I thought we could go to the park for awhile. If that's ok with you?" You say yes. and you two head to the park
  3. "I am really happy to talk to you again." He smiles. "It's been stressful, ya know. Competing with the other guys the whole time." He puts his hands in his pockets. "Like, yesterday. They both gave you the biggest roses they could find. And I just gave you a small rose.." He says sadly. You pipe in "WAIT A SECOND! You don't have to feel bad at ALL!! I loved your rose the best.
  4. He smiles. "I love it when your eyes light up like that, -----." He adds. "They make you look so pretty." You blush. You two are done in the park so you sit on a bench near bye.
  5. His phone rings. He picks it up and quickly hangs up. "Want to go to my band again?" "Sure" You say. He politely grabs your hand. "This way ma'am.
  6. You watch him rock out!! You scream..
  7. You scream, "Go DEREK!!" He blushes and waves at you. You giggle.
  8. The concert actually lasts a few hours. It is afternoon now. "That was awesome." You say and he just shyly smiles. "I hoped you would like it.." He grabs your chin adn looks you in the eyes.
  9. He kisses you softly. "You will always make me happy. I will always love you." He whispers. You two both smile. "Hey let's go to the movies!" He suggests. You two go to see the most awesome movie!!
  10. He holds your hand the whole time. You are so happy you relax into his arms. You feel like the day couldn't get better.
  11. "Derek?" You ask him as you two walk back to the hotel. "Hmm" He responds. "Why do you dress like that and stuff." He grabs you in his arms. "I used to be really sad about ny life but ever since you came into my life I'm not sad any more. I just dress this way cuz it reminds me that i will never be lonely again." He hugs you.
  12. Derek takes you to the side of the hotel and bends down on one knee.
  13. "I love you soo much,-----." He smiles and laughs. "Will.." He takes a second. "Will you be my wife?" He asks.
  14. You are soo stunned you don't say anything at first. Silence...... He gets up. "Oh, I have upset you.." He says looking down. "Jus..just never mind.." He runs back inside the hotel
  15. You turn off your hotel lights. Who do you like?

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