What 2010 Winter Olympic Sport are you?

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There are thousands of Winter Olympic SPorts, Such as Biathlon and Short Track, but only a few professionals at these kind of sport. Dangerous Sports, like Biathlon, has to shoot a gun shooting about 5 bullets a second at a target while CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING!

Have a favorite Winter Olympic Sport? Or just like to watch people die of nervousness trying to win a compitition? Try this quiz now and find out what sport would be right for you.

Created by: Ramich of Rammich
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  1. What is your favorite Season?
  2. Can you balance on Ice Skates?
  3. Are you flexible?
  4. Are you fast at running?
  5. What do you want to be when you grow up?(or at least your job right now)
  6. Have you heard of Biathlon?
  7. Which one of these athelets do you like most?
  8. Do you like the Winter Olympics?
  9. Are you brave enough to shoot something while skiing a 118 miles an hour?
  10. Do you want to see your results so bad?

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Quiz topic: What 2010 Winter Olympic Sport am I?