Which Olympic Class Liner?

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In the early part of the 20th century, there was fierce competition between shipping companies to see who could build the fastest, the largest, or the most luxurious ships.

One of the most widely known ships of this era was the Titanic. Her two sister ships, Olympic and Britannic, looked nearly identical. The purpose of this quiz is to identify which ship is which.

Created by: snakeface

  1. How many portholes are on the forecastle?
  2. Does the docking bridge extend past the poop deck?
  3. How is the ship's hull colored?
  4. What color are the funnels?
  5. Do the bridge wings extend past the sides of A-deck?
  6. What shape is the front of the wheelhouse?
  7. From fore to aft, what size are the windows on B-deck?
  8. Is the A-deck promenade covered?
  9. How far is the B-deck promenade uncovered?
  10. Are the well decks empty?
  11. What color are the cranes painted?
  12. Is there anything on the poop?
  13. Are the deckhouse handrails white?

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