Ancient Greece Test: The Olympic Games

Ancient Greek legends is one of my favorite concepts in the entire study of Ancient Greece. I favor the heroes, particularly Odysseus, Herakles and Achilles. However, in this quiz we don't talk about heroes.

The Olympic Games were the most important event in all of Greece. The festival was dedicated to Zeus, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses. Greeks from all over the mainland, from Asia Minor to Italy and from Africa to Macedonia, traveled to participate in the Games.

Created by: Riptide
  1. When were the first Olympic Games held?
  2. For how many years were these Games held?
  3. When did the Olympic Games finally end?
  4. What season were the Games held?
  5. Did any events occur in this month?
  6. What activities were included in the Pentathlon?
  7. What was the pankration?
  8. The winner received a crown of olive leaves from where?
  9. Women were penalized if they watched the Olympics. What was the consequence?
  10. True or False. The Greeks competed naked.
  11. What did the competitors cover their bodies with?
  12. What were the two types of animals that were sacrificed at the religious ceremonies?

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