What Sport should you do??

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There are thousands of Sports and thousands of players of all different races, shapes and sizes. But sport is about the passion the effort and most importantly having fun

For my quiz I have selected a handful of different sports and by taking this quiz I can calculate which one I think YOU are suitable for. PLease enjoy :)

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. First of all do you actually like sports???
  2. Would you be willing to dedicate yourself to your sport??
  3. Do you prefer Contact or Non Contact Sports??
  4. Are you a good swimmer??
  5. Are you a Violent Person??
  6. Do you like Heights???
  7. Which part of your body is Stronger???
  8. Which Gender are you?? (the 1st one didn't count)
  9. Have you ever done Swimming???
  10. Have you ever done Football??
  11. Have you ever done Dance??
  12. Have you ever been Horse Riding??
  13. Have you ever done Netball or Basketball??
  14. Have you ever done Tennis??
  15. Have you ever done Cricket??
  16. Have you ever Played Ground Hockey??

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Quiz topic: What Sport should I do??