What Sport Should You Play?

What sport us right for you? Find out here in this quiz type thingy mabobber. Are you good at basketball? What about soccer? Discover your destined sport here!!!

Have you always wondered what sport to play? Well find out here and see what is right for you. Ate you stuck between football and baseball? Or cheerleading and ice skating? Find out now

Created by: Amanda
  1. Are you tall?
  2. If someone throws a ball at your face without you knowing, are you likely to catch it?
  3. Are you fast?
  4. Are you flexible
  5. Do you have a lot of stamina
  6. Do you have balance?
  7. Do you play a sport right now?
  8. So you play a sport right now?
  9. What part of your body has more muscle
  10. Which temperature is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: What Sport should I Play?